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BACKGROUNDER | Taiwan’s first president fled to the island after fighting with Mao Zedong’s Communists during China’s civil war.

A moral shift at the Republican National Convention, God’s hand in world events, and government interference in the family

Your guide to the 2024 elections

BOOKS | John Calvin’s On the Christian Life, presented in a new translation by Crossway, reminds us of the motivations for a believer’s obedience

Congress heeds calls for more oversight of federal corrections

MOVIE | A high-energy storm of enjoyable nonsense

WORLD Watch | Top Story

King Charles III kicks off Britain’s parliamentary year

Magazine Vol. 39, No. 13
August 1, 2024 | Vol. 39 No. 13
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R. Albert Mohler Jr. | The attempted assassination of President Trump raises the deepest of all questions

The attack sparks questions about the agency’s performance

Carl R. Trueman | When history happens close to home

Erick Erickson | The former president makes a big statement by choosing the senator from Ohio as his running mate

Assassinations have rocked American politics from the beginning

C.R. Wiley | Eastern Nazarene College lost the support of its constituency because of encroaching “wokeism”