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In defense of Wall Street

In defense of Wall Street

David L. Bahnsen | Innovative capital markets have led to great improvements in human flourishing

MONEY | A minimum wage hike in California has resulted in super-sized prices for fast-food customers

David L. Bahnsen | We should be talking about how massive federal spending diminishes long-term economic growth

David L. Bahnsen | A higher federal funds rate hasn’t had the market effects that some expected


David L. Bahnsen | The inflation situation has something for everyone, and not enough for anyone

Plus, defining the “fed funds rate”

Plus, the Biden administration makes a bad call on liquefied natural gas and defining the Phillips Curve

Stock markets, Fed rates, and a push toward deglobalization look likely to drive economic news in 2024

Plus, listener questions about state debt and how much presidential administrations affect the economy

Markets have yet to be negatively affected by the fallout of conflict in the Middle East