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With Americans still in Afghanistan, Biden claims success

President Joe Biden Associated Press/Photo by Evan Vucci

With Americans still in Afghanistan, Biden claims success

In a speech from the White House on Tuesday, President Joe Biden said the deal his predecessor made with the Taliban backed him into a corner. Had the United States not left Afghanistan when it did, Biden said, the militant group would have attacked American soldiers. Still, he called the operation an “extraordinary success.” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., called it “probably the biggest failure in American government on a military stage in my lifetime.”

What happens now? At least 100 Americans and many more U.S. supporters remain in Afghanistan. Biden said he asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken to coordinate with international partners to hold the Taliban to their promise of safe passage for Americans and others who want to leave in the days ahead. In an interview last week, former President Donald Trump defended his policy on Afghanistan, saying he would have retaliated against the Taliban in March when it broke its agreement not to target any U.S. soldiers before the military’s upcoming withdrawal.

Dig deeper: Read Emily Belz’s report on an Afghan interpreter who served the U.S. military but could not get out of the country.

Lynde Langdon

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"As many as 15,000 Americans remain in Afghanistan after the Taliban's takeover of the country, Biden administration officials told Senate staffers Tuesday, two aides said." (NBC report Aug. 17th) The Washington Post first reported that the staffers were told that 10,000 to 15,000 U.S. citizens remain in the country. (NBC report Aug. 17th) The next report was that the US flew somewhere between 5500 to 6000 Americans home. The math is not adding up at all. Biden's speech writer is not to be trusted. He manages to claim success as he is blaming Trump - the bitter and sweet all spill from his lips. How many Americans are really stranded? Only God knows, but it is too many to leave with the taliban.


The media are totally in Biden's court. After hearing one main stream media declare that Biden had fulfilled his promise to end Afghanistan, it will go down in the history books as a plus for the great Pres. Biden. And there he is still blaming it on Trump like he started the war.
Obama had 8 YEARS to end that war as he kicked the can down the road to Trump. Trump's war was with Pelosi for 4 YEARS.