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UN adopts resolution aimed at ending Gaza war

The United Nations Security Council. Associated Press/Photo by Seth Wenig

UN adopts resolution aimed at ending Gaza war

The United Nations Security Council on Monday approved a resolution calling for Israel and Hamas to accept a U.S.-written cease-fire plan. Russia abstained from voting while the remaining 14 member nations approved the proposal. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week said that Israel has not agreed to a cease-fire deal without its conditions being met. Netanyahu has repeatedly said that Israel’s main goals are to free hostages and eliminate the Hamas terrorist group.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Israel on Monday urging Netanyahu to accept the plan. Meanwhile, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield called for Hamas to take the deal. After the vote, Hamas said it welcomed the resolution and was willing to negotiate but said it would continue pushing for what it called a fully sovereign Palestinian state.

What’s included in the cease-fire plan? President Joe Biden laid out a three-phase plan last month. Phase one would include a complete cease-fire, the withdrawal of Israeli soldiers from parts of Gaza, and the release of hostages. Phase two would require both sides to accept a permanent end to hostilities and require Israel to withdraw from Gaza completely. Phase three would begin a major reconstruction of Gaza.

What else is happening in the region? The Pentagon on Monday said that the humanitarian sea corridor used to deliver aid to Gaza was fully operational. American forces re-anchored the aid pier on Friday, and supplies began flowing Saturday. Meanwhile, the World Food Programme paused food shipments at the pier due to security concerns. Severe weather damaged the humanitarian facility late last month.

Dig deeper: Read Josh Schumacher’s report in The Sift for details about Biden’s cease-fire proposal.

Lauren Canterberry

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