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Biden unveils Israel’s three-phase plan for cease-fire in Gaza

U.S. President Joe Biden Associated Press/Photo by Evan Vucci

Biden unveils Israel’s three-phase plan for cease-fire in Gaza

U.S. President Joe Biden laid out the plan on Friday, calling it a roadmap to an enduring cease-fire in the region. He credited Tel Aviv with developing the plan, which would require Israeli forces to withdraw from Gaza completely in stages while at the same time requiring Hamas to return all hostages—living and deceased—to their loved ones. Biden said that, on Thursday, officials from Qatar presented the plan to Hamas.

What does the plan entail? The cease-fire arrangement would unfold as follows, according to Biden:

  • Phase one: A complete cease-fire would commence, and Israel would withdraw its soldiers from heavily populated areas in Gaza. Hamas would then release some living hostages and the remains of some deceased hostages back to Israel. During this time, displaced Palestinians would be able to return to their homes in Gaza. Also during this time, humanitarian aid would surge into the region.

  • Phase two: Both sides would accept a permanent end to hostilities. All remaining living hostages would head back to Israel, and Israeli forces would withdraw from Gaza completely.

  • Phase three: A major reconstruction of Gaza would commence, and the bodies of all the remaining deceased hostages would be returned to Israel.

Biden said both sides would continue negotiating with each other and intermediaries, such as the United States and other Middle Eastern countries, throughout the process.

Will this actually go into effect? Biden, in transcribed remarks delivered on Friday, acknowledged that many in Israel would prefer not to enter into a cease-fire agreement with Hamas. But he argued doing so was the best chance at maintaining Israel’s security and peace in the region.

But will Hamas take the deal? “Hamas needs to take the deal,” Biden said. He mentioned that Qatar and Egypt had assured U.S. negotiators that their governments would hold Hamas accountable should it agree to the deal but fail to live up to it. Additionally, if Hamas failed to uphold its end of the bargain, Israel would be able to resume military operations in Gaza, Biden added.

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