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U.S. natural gas tanker arrives in Germany

Germany has built several floating terminals to acomodate ships carrying gas. Associated Press/Photo by Sina Schuldt

U.S. natural gas tanker arrives in Germany

The first shipment of American liquefied natural gas arrived in Germany on Tuesday as part of a plan to compensate for reduced Russian imports. The Maria Energy vessel arrived at a newly constructed floating terminal in Germany, where about 6 million cubic feet of liquefied natural gas will be converted back into gas form and pumped into Germany’s energy network. The fuel could supply about 50,000 German households with energy for one year. Several additional floating terminals have been constructed to receive replacement gas that had previously been delivered through pipelines from Russia.

What is the state of the European energy crisis? Seasonably mild weather has spread across much of Europe this week, contributing to a drop in energy and natural gas prices. Germany’s gas reserves are above 90 percent despite the reduction in Russian imports due to the war in Ukraine. The U.K. government said it expects household energy bill subsidies to be lower than previous estimates.

Dig deeper: Listen to Jenny Lind Schmitt and Mary Reichard’s report on The World and Everything in It podcast about Europe’s energy problem.

Lauren Canterberry

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