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Trump supporters rally in Washington

Supporters of President Donald Trump in Washington on Saturday Associated Press/Photo by Jacquelyn Martin

Trump supporters rally in Washington

Chants of, “Four more years,” and, “Stop the steal,” rang out as protesters marched from Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court in support of President Donald Trump on Saturday. Attendees cheered as the president’s motorcade drove by the demonstration on its way to Trump’s Virginia golf club. Pro-Trump rallies took place in cities across the country, including Delray Beach, Fla.; Lansing, Mich.; and Phoenix.

Did the protests remain peaceful? Police in Washington reported a few altercations between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters as night fell. They tried to keep the two sides separated, blocking pro-Trump demonstrators from entering Black Lives Matter plaza, where the president’s detractors frequently gather to demonstrate. City police said Sunday they had made at least two dozen arrests, including four people who left one man unconscious on the street. One stabbing victim received treatment for nonlife-threatening injuries, police added. Authorities are reviewing surveillance footage to track down more suspects.

Dig deeper: Read Kyle Ziemnick’s report in The Stew about the president’s legal challenges to election results in swing states.

Editor's note: WORLD has updated this report since its initial posting.

Lynde Langdon

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Mr. Miller, how interesting that you equate Christians who say they "expect" civil war, with well-documented and oft-repeated Antifa/BLM violence. I myself know Christians (non-Christians too) who say they think civil war is coming, but I have not heard a single one say they intend to start it!  Uniformly, what I hear people say is "If those rioters come to my neighborhood to burn and loot, they will get what they've got coming!"  This also holds true for literally hundreds of comments I've read online on various news sites. 

Mr. Miller, I live in one of the most redneck, gun-owning parts of the U.S.   I have NEVER heard anyone say,  "We need to go find those Antifa jerks and wipe them out!"  Nor have I heard a single person say,  "We need to show up armed at one of those Antifa demonstrations and let them have it!"  

No, Mr. Miller, everything I hear conservative people say meets any sensible definition of self-defense, not aggression. 

Because of things you have said here, I have come to the conclusion, Mr. Miller, that you are not one of us. Your posts have the hallmarks of a liberal troll who has come here to try to stir up doubts and dissent. However, I certainly don't want you to leave.  Stay, and keep making your feeble leftist points.  It helps us clarify our beliefs, as well as learn to recognize wolves in sheep's' clothing. And perhaps, you will learn something while you're here.

regards, OldMike


[adding the following]. I'm ashamed of what I wrote above. I've apologized to Mr. Miller and not silent in another thread, and to others. We are all getting pretty riled up about our political situation, and I for one, have obviously gone a bit over the edge. I won't delete what i wrote up above even though I'm embarrassed now that I've had a bit of clearer thinking. Please forgive me, and please, all of us, let us remember to treat one another as brothers and sisters. OldMike


For any who came in on this without any background, Yes, I did apologize for my very judgmental attack on TIM MILLER and my baiting of not silent.  it's on another thread that came a day or 2 after this.  I also apologize to all who read the attack above.

not silent

I would be better able to answer if you would commnicate clearly with me, OldMike.  I'm afraid I can't read your mind.  One could speculate all kinds of things, but I don't really think that would be fair.

not silent

Narissara, we may disagree on politics, but I'm not sure we disagree all that much.  And we agree about the most important thing-which is the Lord. That's enough for me.

not silent

For TIM MILLER, I'm glad to hear that the local officials in your state took a strong stand against violence. I think there were others who did likewise and that gives me hope.  I am also aware that there were plenty of protests that remained peaceful (some were in my area).

Unfortunately, it's hard to get a clear picture of what happened without checking multiple sources.  I recently saw an interview with Mr. Obama on 60 Minutes, and I heard him say that there needed to be MORE funding for police; but, if I had not actually been watching the interview, I never would have known. 

not silent

I guess I've viewed events a bit differently.  All summer long, we had rioting and protesting; and it's true that some of the loudest voices tried to characterize ALL actions done at ALL protests as "peaceful."  It's also true that some politicians turned a blind eye to the violence. 

Mr. Trump was president the whole time all this violence was happening. I'm not saying he personally caused it, and I realize that his political opponents often got in the way.  However, it seems to me that Mr. Trump either could not or would not figure out how to work with his opponents and they could not or would not work with him.  I don't know who "started it," and I don't care.  What I care about is that, instead of working together for the good of the country, both major parties pointed to the other side and used the problems and unrest for political gain-while the country suffered and burned.  

I personally found the fact that no one was able to STOP the protests and violence very troubling.  You can blame either side or both sides, but I didn't see either side coming up with an effective way to stop it or even having an effective dialogue about it.  Frankly, I don't trust EITHER major political party.  From my perspective, it looks the loudest voices in both major political parties keep using current events and problems for political gain and NEITHER ONE is doing much that can effectively solve those problems or help the country. 


All summer long, the rioting, stealing and looting was characterized as peaceful protests.  Trump's opponents responded in one of three ways:  turn a blind eye; defend it as an expression of free speech and the right to assemble; or blame it on Trump and his supporters.  Once they take office, they'll have the advantage.  If riots break out again to harrass and intimidate supporters of a challenger, what confidence should we have that they would behave any differently than they have this go round?  

Tim Miller

Why do you say that?


Where are the Biden supporters who usually comment here about the deplorable Trump supporters?

There will be more of the same violence during Biden's "peaceful" reign.  


When do we get an update letting us know who the aggressors were? Without any background knowledge that BLM and Antifa have generally been the violent parties, if you just read this article you would assume that it was the Trump protesters.


Yes I saw same thing on brietbart news. Violence was all one sided antifa and BLM  against Trump supporters including women, children and elderly.