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Trump continues fight in Pennsylvania, Georgia

Election officials work on the hand recount of ballots in Marietta, Ga., on Monday. Associated Press/Photo by Mike Stewart

Trump continues fight in Pennsylvania, Georgia

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, said Monday he did not expect to find evidence of widespread fraud. The battleground state began a hand recount of votes on Friday. Last week, GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who are headed to critical January runoffs, accused Raffensperger of failing to deliver “honest and transparent elections.” Officials on Monday found 2,600 uncounted votes that broke 2 to 1 for President Donald Trump.

What is the status of Trump’s lawsuits in Pennsylvania? Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and Trump’s personal attorney, represented the president’s complaints in a hearing Tuesday at a federal courthouse in Williamsport, Pa. The Trump campaign wants to stop the state from certifying the election results, claiming heavily Democratic counties sent ballots with errors back to voters to be fixed.

Dig deeper: Read Emily Belz’s report on Trump’s claims of fraud.

Kyle Ziemnick

Kyle is a WORLD Digital news reporter. He is a World Journalism Institute and Patrick Henry College graduate. Kyle resides in Purcellville, Va.



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Tim Miller


I do not believe most of the allegations of fraud can be proven. If they can (or if they are true), it's morally right to call them out. What I suspect is happening is that Trump is trying to find a way he can avoid admitting he lost, and is making up allegations to do so.

If he is sincerely rooting out genuine fraud, go for it. If he's grandstanding, I think, in addition to being morally wrong, it's politically deadly to Republicans (although not necessarily to Trump's aspirations).

I don't expect this to change your mind necessarily, but just to share where I'm coming from. I think we probably can agree that 1) voter fraud is a threat to our republic and 2) baseless allegations of corruption are also a threat to our republic. I think, if we agree on those two things, the main disagreement is whether the Trump legal team is trustworthy or not, and we likely come to different conclusions on that subject.

All the best!

not silent

Speaking for myself, I agree with you that it is right to call out cheating or improper conduct. I feel sure that we can also agree that fraud and cheating in elections are federal crimes and, therefore, very serious; and that, in our system, even those who are accused of federal crimes are innocent until proven guilty in court.

I have heard of several affidavits involving accusations of election fraud, but some were withdrawn by the person who made them and others were considered "hearsay" by the courts.  The cases I've seen where irregularities were found did not involve deliberate fraud but human error, and they did not involve enough votes to change the outcome of the election. I feel sure we all agree that, if anyone is found guilty in court of a federal crime like election fraud, they should certainly face the penalties for the crime and that allegations of federal crimes should be investigated.

Therefore, if you know of any cases where someone was actually found guilty in court of election fraud or deliberately engaging in misconduct, please share the info here. (You can share links to articles if you like, but I personally don't feel comfortable clicking on links provided in comment sections.  It's not about you personally-just a precaution I learned during years of debating atheists online.)


Mr Miller, you ask what is "morally right" about calling out election cheating or improper conduct?  

I dunno. What is morally right about reporting a theft, an assault, leaving the scene of an injury accident, cruelty to an animal, dumping toxic waste, murder, beating a spouse, embezzlement, shoplifting, or any other crime?  


Trump is not whining. Many Dems have whined because they haven't been able to get what they want. Mueller is one, "I can't find anything."

Pelosi's minions to the Senate, "You must impeach Trump because we say so. We have lots of hearsay to convict him."

Since you have probably NEVER believed Trump is "politically smart" or "morally right", why are you surprised at whatever Trump does?

I believe it is you, Mr Miller, who keeps whining about Trump doing stuff you don't approve of.

And yet Trump continues to do what he thinks is best for our country, as he promised. He ran for Pres. because he saw what the smooth talkers have done TO our country, NOT FOR our country.

I would rather have someone like Trump who is FOR our country, than someone like Obama who is obviously against our country. 



I am embarrassed, not because the alarm has finally been raised about the cheating that has been obvious for decades, but because no one has yet to try and fix it. 

It's sad that the people who can, did NOT even try to at least keep dead people from voting. And people who are NOT citizens should NOT be voting either. And changing votes from Trump to Biden is wrong. 


Tim Miller

Another saga of the Trump touch. He has sparked a GOP civil war in Georgia, for what purpose? 

So he can keep whining about losing. And possibly lose the Senate. 

What is politically smart or morally right about this move?