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Texas governor threatens arrests of Democrats who left

Democratic lawmakers from the U.S. and Texas Houses in Washington on Tuesday Associated Press/Photo by J. Scott Applewhite

Texas governor threatens arrests of Democrats who left

While 51 Democratic lawmakers from Texas sang “We Shall Overcome” at a news conference on Tuesday morning in Washington, the sergeant-at-arms for the Texas House secured the chamber doors in Austin during a special legislative session to prevent more members from leaving. By fleeing the state on Monday, the state House members avoided the quorum necessary to vote on an election bill that would eliminate 24-hour polling places and ballot drop boxes that were allowed during the pandemic. The proposal would also give greater permissions to partisan poll watchers, which Democrats say will intimidate voters.

What happens next? Texas Republicans approved authorities finding and returning lawmakers “under warrant of arrest if necessary,” but state police have no jurisdiction outside Texas. The Democrats said they would stay in Washington until the Texas special session ends on Aug. 7. At the news conference, many of them called on Congress to pass Democrats’ For the People voting reform act—a call President Joe Biden reiterated in a speech on Tuesday. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, said he will continue calling special sessions for as long as it takes to pass the voting bill. He also threatened to have the Democratic lawmakers arrested as soon as they returned to the state.

Dig deeper: Read Harvest Prude’s report on election reform proposals on both sides of the aisle.

Carolina Lumetta

Carolina is a reporter for WORLD Digital. She is a World Journalism Institute and Wheaton College graduate. She resides in Harrisburg, Pa.



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Useful Idiots



The first thing the Texas Legislature needs to do when they have a quorum, is to redefine the quorum to percent of legislators present in the State of Texas. This will end the farce of "lawmakers" running away form their jobs.

Another alternative would be to define leaving the state for anything other than an immediate family member's funeral during a legislative session as a de facto resignation.


Another interesting case to appear in the wake of Bush v. Gore is Charfauros v. Board of Elections. In Charfauros, the Board of Elections for Rota in the Northern Mariana Islands DISQUALIFIED FOUR registered REPUBLICANS and prevented them from voting. This determined the outcome of the elections as the DEM candidate WON BY a margin of THREE votes. The Democratic Party had challenged Mr. Charfauros' residency and he was thereby denied an absentee ballot. In contrast, the eligibility of CHALLENGED DEM. VOTERS was CONSIDERED AFTER the election. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, relying on the Bush v. Gore precedent, ruled that the creation of two classes of challenged voters, one of which was DENIED BALLOTS BEFORE the election while THE OTHER WAS ALLOWED TO VOTE, violated equal protection guarantees and EQUAL access to the ballot.


Al Gore and his protesting of mail in votes from military in 2000. Quite an interesting read.


I believe the cheating has happened before but they didn't do it right. Hence, counting hanging chads over and over.
I remember when the military ballots were held up and Congress didn't want them counted for Bush.


States knew something illegal happened in 2020 so they are trying to make sure it doesn't happen again by making their own laws, which makes Dems mad. (States can't admit something illegal went down because they did NOT want Trump.)


Dems loved the outcome of the 2020 election so they are trying to make what they did the law.
Dems are especially interested in ballot harvesting. (You pull up with a trunk full of ballots. Where did they come from? My neighborhood. A retirement home. The grave yard.) They all seem to be votes for the same person. Yes, they only wanted to vote for the Pres.


Next time they will fill out other candidates from their Party so the fraud is not so blatantly obvious.


Democrats are NEVER held accountable for ANYTHING!


What exactly are the Democrats going to “overcome “, honest and fair elections?