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Senators at odds on Trump’s post-election DOJ meeting

President Donald Trump speaks with White House officials outside the Oval Office on Sept. 24, 2020. Associated Press/Photo by Patrick Semansky, file

Senators at odds on Trump’s post-election DOJ meeting

The Senate Judiciary Committee split along party lines in how it interpreted President Donald Trump’s actions in the days leading up to the Jan. 6 riots. Democrats issued a 394-page staff report based on document reviews and interviews with top officials saying Trump pressured federal employees to call the election corrupt. The Republicans on the committee released a 140-page minority report that tells a different story. It called Trump wise in listening to all his advisers and said it was within his authority to direct the Justice Department to legitimate complaints of possible election fraud.

What happened on Jan. 3? The majority report said seven Justice Department officials met with Trump in the Oval Office. It characterized the meeting as an hourslong, intense argument in which Trump threatened to fire then–acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. The minority report called the meeting calmer and more business-like, with Trump ultimately deciding not to fire Rosen. The committee’s investigation is still ongoing, and these are both interim reports.

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Carolina Lumetta

Carolina is a reporter for WORLD Digital. She is a World Journalism Institute and Wheaton College graduate. She resides in Harrisburg, Pa.



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Let us look at what really happened. We had Zuckerberg with his $400-500 million to actually take over the election process where they used their power to push Democrats to vote making the election very one sided. There were two cases where massive amounts of ballots were passed through the mail mysteriously. In one case 14 pallets full of ballots were trucked from NY to Pennsylvania, significantly enough to turn the election over to Trump. In another case in Wisconsin a mail driver witnessed a large number of ballots show up after the deadline where they pre-dated them so they could be counted. At the drop box locations there were people showing up with significantly more ballots than people in their car. These ballot boxes were concentrated in Democratic districts without a chain of custody leaving them open and ripe for voter fraud.

Republicans were kicked out of the facilities by radicals who were trained to appropriately escalate it blaming Republicans for COVID violations. Many tables did not have Republicans pole watchers observing which was against law. Many Republican pole watchers witnessed this in the Detroit Michigan facility. There are also many witnesses to many kinds of election fraud all over the key battleground states.

Trump watched his lead go from being ahead to losing the election in states where the numbers did not make any sense. For example in Maricopa county, nearly $2 million in Zuckerberg funding flowed into the county where leftist organizations oversaw the money. Even though Trump saw his lead grow by over 200,000 votes compared with the 2016 election with Clinton, he still lost where the voter registration for Democrats grew by only 50,000, about 1/6 of what was needed to explain this massive shift.

Trump saw the election stolen from him so the natural response was to seek redress by looking to the courts and Department of Justice. Rather than seek justice, the department refused to investigate the fraud where many called but they never saw a response. One example was the mail driver who witnessed ballots already filled out which he drove from NY to Pennsylvania. Another lady worked for Dominion and she too reported election fraud but nobody from the FBI followed up with it. There were thousands of people who filled out affidavits describing the corruption they saw. The courts were pressured to not look at the evidence by allowing discovery, so they predominantly dismissed it on procedural grounds.

Trump was wronged and hopefully we will see real justice at the next election where COVID excuses will be much harder to pass on the people. Also, many states have modified their election laws to make it harder to cheat! The leftist media continue to push lies about what is happening. Christians need to wake up!


"...It called Trump wise in listening to all his advisers..." You mean all the ones who told him they would resign if he carried through with his plans? See: https://www.npr.org/2021/10/07/1044015379/senate-report-details-trumps-efforts-to-use-doj-to-overturn-election-results

"The report says Donoghue and others made clear that all of the department's assistant attorneys general would resign if Trump went forward with the scheme, and that mass resignations likely wouldn't end there."

So let me get this straight: Basically Trump tried to get the Justice Department (and who knows who else) to go along with a scheme to just declare (without evidence, which is own attorney Bill Barr said there was none) the election was fraudulent/corrupt and the only reason it didn't work is because there were enough people around him with some semblance of principle and ethics who said...no.

So how does that work? Imagine the CEO of a company who gathers the board and wants them to help him defraud the corporation of millions of dollars. They all say no thanks. And then, everyone just goes back to business as normal. What? If you conspire to commit felonies, to overturn a free and fair election (no one has found otherwise, except conspiracy theorists) but no one goes along, how is that not still a problem? Wake up America. Wake up evangelicals.


It is too bad that Trump trusted so many people who were spies from Obama's reign.
Too much double-speak and hearsay.
But hey, no more mean tweets. Right?
We got Biden now, what a great guy.
And soon they'll resume sucking the brains from the unwanted right up to 9 months, if Pelosi has her way. It gives me chills.

Tom Hanrahan

Thank you for the succinct, factual summary.