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Republican senators to challenge Biden’s victory

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, attends campaign rally for Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., on Saturday in Cumming, Ga. Associated Press photo by Brynn Anderson

Republican senators to challenge Biden’s victory

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and 10 other senators and senators-elect in a joint Saturday statement said they would reject Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory when Congress convenes on Wednesday to certify the vote. The lawmakers called for a 10-day delay to allow an electoral commission to audit the results. Separately, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., said he would join House Republicans to reject the state tallies. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans, including Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., have urged party members to refrain from challenging the vote.

Any additional efforts to overturn the election? In a recorded Saturday phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, President Donald Trump insisted he won the state and called the ballots corrupt. Raffensperger reiterated Georgia counted its votes three times before certifying Biden’s win. “We don’t agree that you have won,” he told Trump. Biden is scheduled to assume office on Jan. 20.

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Onize Ohikere

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not silent

It is clear that I and other commenters disagree on what the words "threatening," "transparent," and "illegal" mean (I.e., I don't think it's the democrats who are trying to steal the election illegally; I thought the phone call was extremely corrupt, if not threatening; and I thought the election was no less transparent than most, including the one in 2016). But I found out through years of debating people online that it's impossible to have a rational debate when you can't agree on the basic meanings of words or how to determine truth.

At any rate, I have no desire to engage in a war of words with my fellow soldiers (i.e., brothers and sisters in the Lord) when the real enemy is outside.  Instead I would like to focus on what we CAN agree about: praying with all our hearts for the greatest discernment and ability to hear truth for all who are involved on Wednesday, for God to protect all who are involved, and for God to have mercy on our sinful nation.  If I may add an additional prayer, I have been praying for peace and against violence (I hope it's clear that I mean this regardless of who is being violent).   


Tom Hanrahan, when I saw the beginning of your post I thought you were referring to the far left, most democrats, and the RINOS who have done every illegal thing in their power to overturn the previous election and steal this election.  It is amazing to me how scripture stands true through eternity yet we apply it according to our view of the circumstance of the day.   

As far as the phone call is concerned, Trump did not say anything new which he has not already declared in public and on Twitter.  That was not a threat, but a call to preserve our transparent election process which Georgia has and still refuses to do.

I pray above all for the greatest of discernment and ability to hear truth for all concerned on Wednesday, and for safety for our patriots and those leaders brave enough to stand against the swamp. The lovely and upright left and their goons have already assaulted Josh Hawley's home while he was out of town, threatening his wife and 2 month old baby with screams, viscious verbal attacks and 4 of them tried to beat down the front door.  Neighbors joined Hawley's wife beggin the crowd to leave.  No one was arrested, not even for disturbing the peace which is a misdemeanor offense.  May God have mercy on our sinful nation and may He raise up the man of his choosing.  That's it.    

Tim Miller

When the Trump campaign brings this allegation to court, let me know.

Tim Miller

What does that even mean?


Thanks, News2me. I've seen the "visual aids" that back up the article about major vote subtraction -- and hope that others can view them as well. The data from election night, in the NYTimes & GA SecOfState, both reflect votes being subtracted from @POTUS. Yet in an election votes are ever only added. The GA AG “certified” totals whose data shows 200k votes subtracted from @realDonaldTrump




"The Cheat in Plain Sight" (townhall.com) Jan.3

Will they be able to turn it around? Who knows. Too many people who are in power want Trump out.

But the PROOF is there. Experts FOUND it. 


There are current activities in Georgia that affect the election. Here's the short version: Jovan Pulitzer Reveals Live, Real-Time Hacking of Dominion Voting Systems at Fulton County Polling Station - News Punch

This was a small part of the Georgia Senate subcommittee hearing on Dec. 30 (Pulitzer is at about 55:15 in the more comprehensive video of the hearing). LIVE: Giuliani testifies—Georgia Senate subcommittee continues hearing on election issues (Dec. 30) - YouTube


Maybe they should impeach Trump again. There might still be time. They ran it thru in a Calif. minute the last time.


What is it that makes party members loyal even after being raped? 

Tim Miller

Yes, that's correct. The election has been certified in those three states, after multiple judicial challenges including many that were rejected on the merits. The electoral college has voted.

The president and his lawyers are advocating for the election to be overturned, and awarded to the second-place finisher.


The words "overturn the election?" imply that the activities in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan after Election Night did not already overturn the elction!

Tim Miller

Given that only 2 representatives voted to not certify the representatives elected from the suspect states, I think it's clear this is a political ploy and not a serious effort to ensure the integrity of the system. At least we now know who some of the charlatans are. This will make picking a candidate to support in the 2024 GOP primary a lot easier for me. (Ted Cruz, for example, is out.)