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50th annual March for Life set for D.C.

The Supreme Court Associated Press/Photo by Patrick Semansky, file

50th annual March for Life set for D.C.

The 50th annual March for Life is planned for Friday. It’s the first time the march has taken place since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with its Dobbs v. Jackson opinion. Pro-life advocates say the battle for life is still not over—it’s only moved to state courts and legislatures. Laws prohibiting abortion from conception or after 6 weeks are in effect in thirteen states. Judges in five additional states have temporarily blocked enforcement of similar legislation. The South Carolina Supreme Court earlier this month declared a state constitutional right to abortion, permanently preventing enforcement of that state's law protecting babies with detectable heartbeats from abortion."

Speaking of Dobbs, has anyone learned how that opinion got leaked? Not yet. The Supreme Court has launched an investigation into the matter but has not yet identified the individual responsible for the leak. The leak sparked protests across the country and motivated vandals to assault pregnancy centers across the country. The court’s final decision gave those protests and attacks a second wind.

Dig deeper: Read Dean Nelson’s column in WORLD Opinions about how the threat to pregnancy centers is far from over.

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