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More than 1,700 troops surrender in Mariupol

Ukrainian soldiers leave a steel plant taken over by Russians in the city of Mariupol on Thursday. Associated Press/Russian Defense Ministry Press Service

More than 1,700 troops surrender in Mariupol

Ukrainian fighters walked out of a bombed-out steel plant in Mariupol with their hands up, surrendering after defying Russian troops for weeks. In the end, they were forced to choose between surrender or certain death.

What will happen to them? The Red Cross registered hundreds of the soldiers as prisoners of war in hopes of ensuring their humane treatment under the Geneva Conventions. Russian forces transported at least some of the Ukrainian troops to a former penal colony in territory controlled by Moscow-backed separatists. Others were reportedly hospitalized. The U.S. Senate passed a bill Thursday to send $40 billion more in military aid to Ukraine. President Joe Biden is expected to sign it into law.

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Kent Covington

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