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Jury finds Hunter Biden guilty on three felony gun-related charges

Hunter Biden arriving at court with his wife Associated Press/Photo by Matt Slocum

Jury finds Hunter Biden guilty on three felony gun-related charges

A Delaware jury on Tuesday found President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, guilty of lying on paperwork to purchase a firearm and possessing that firearm while addicted to drugs. The jury made their case after three hours of deliberations that began Monday. Hunter Biden’s lawyers rested their case earlier that day. They did not call their client to the witness stand. The court will determine Hunter Biden’s sentence at a later date.

What were prosecutors alleging exactly? Prosecutors had alleged that Hunter Biden lied on a federal form while purchasing a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver. On the form, Hunter Biden said he was not addicted to illegal drugs. Later, in his memoir Beautiful Things, he testified to regularly using drugs at the time he purchased the firearm. Prosecutors also alleged that Biden knowingly possessed that gun while he understood himself to be addicted to drugs—another felony offense.

What did Hunter Biden have to say in his defense? Hunter Biden’s attorneys alleged that he didn’t understand himself to be addicted at the time he purchased and possessed the firearm. They also argued that the form he filled out did not clearly define the term “addicted,” and no one explained the terms to him.

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