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Jan. 6 committee hears officer testimony

Police officers testify before a House committee on Tuesday. Associated Press/Photo by Chip Somodevilla

Jan. 6 committee hears officer testimony

Sgt. Aquilino Gonell told members of a U.S. House panel he thought he was going to die on the day of the Capitol riot. Three other police officers testified about their experiences before the Democrat-led committee on Tuesday. One, Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, said he could hear rioters chanting, “Kill him with his own gun.” “I can still hear those words in my head today,” he said.

What is the purpose of the committee? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said it was important to “find the truth” of what happened on Jan. 6. Many in the GOP called the committee redundant because other investigations are already going on. They also complained Pelosi stacked the committee with members who will ask only the questions she wants them to ask. The group has seven Democrats and two Republicans—Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois—both of whom voted to impeach President Donald Trump after the Capitol riot.

Dig deeper: Read Emily Belz’s report on domestic terror threats.


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Many seem to miss what is really going on. Remember the Time Magazine article that was brought up a while ago. I think it is one of the best sources to decipher how the election was stolen.


Here is a paragraph of it:

“Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears. They executed national public-awareness campaigns that helped Americans understand how the vote count would unfold over days or weeks, preventing Trump’s conspiracy theories and false claims of victory from getting more traction. After Election Day, they monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result.”

You have to tear it apart line by line.

“Their work touched every aspect of the election.“

Yes, there was an organized effort to subvert the election and it touched all aspects of it.

“They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. “

There are secure and insecure voting systems and notice how they got key counties across the US to go with ones that made it easier for them to cheat as manipulate. This was not about secure elections but was about politicization of the election process. The changing the law was illegal in many cases where they used the pandemic as a pretext to subvert the constitution and the law by having election officials make proclamations. The Democrats pushed through funding for the election which was funneled to partisan actors who subverted our election process. Private funds from Zuckerberg was used to politicize the election process by giving unelected nonprofits officials power to control the process. This was why they had such control over large counties, where they literally threw out Republican poll workers.

“They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits,”

These lawsuits were actually inspired to prevent the cheating of elections by requiring voter ID to make sure the person voting was actually who they claimed to be. This made it much easier to put in ballots which was not from the actual person voting, where they had all the records to know who didn’t vote.

“recruited armies of poll workers”

They had BLM, AntiFa and other radicals who purposefully created friction to get republicans evicted so it was easier to cheat.

“ and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time.”

The partisan election officials knew who and who did not vote so they could manufacture ballots for people who did not vote - stealing the election.

“They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation”

Yes, anyone who claimed the election was stolen had their accounts blocked, labeled as disinformation, and/or were suppressed by partisan actors working at the Big Tech companies. Conservative companies were shut down and literally disconnected from the social media platforms. Never in our history as a nation have we seen such power used to sway the political process.

“and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears.”

Essentially, this means they used the Internet to filter out content that had any adverse impact for the Democratic candidates. This is admitting they influenced the election by controlling what information was allowed to flow. It is a scary scenario showing how few have such control over our political process which our founding fathers never intended to happen. It shows just how much our election process was subverted.

“They executed national public-awareness campaigns that helped Americans understand how the vote count would unfold over days or weeks, “

This was done so they had enough time to go through the data and generate the ballots they needed to win.

“preventing Trump’s conspiracy theories and false claims of victory from getting more traction.”

With all the corruption they were doing, they had to label any pushback as “conspiracy theories” and suppress it to prevent an angry electorate from rising up and demanding a fair election using the political process.

“After Election Day, they monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result.”

They actively suppressed Trump from responding and overturning a stolen election. They put pressure on all the actors who could have stood up and demanded a fair election. This included fomenting the Jan 6th riot using the FBI undercover agents to encourage the riot thus creating pushback against anyone who claimed the election was stolen and allowing the election to be certified. O Pelosi had all the reports showing that there were some groups planning on storming the Capitol and she did nothing to reinforce security. This was meticulously planned out and executed to ensure Biden became president by forcing the certification of him as president and not allowing discussion about the election anomalies.

If you go through the Time Magazine article dissecting it line by line, you will see how the Left stole the election. The fact that a political hack union guy was the organizer, shows how corrupt it was.

Even now Biden is changing the rules so that government workers have to wear masks again when this has nothing to do with the CDC but everything about creating chaos for the next election so they can once again steal another election. If Biden really was concerned about COVID-19 and the new strain of virus, he would shut down the border and not allow in illegal immigrants who are infected with COVID. Rather he is putting them up in hotels and shipping them all over the United States. This is clearly an attempt to subvert our election process by creating another pandemic crisis which they will again exploit. Long term there goal is to change the demographics of our nation ensuring they have political denomination for years to come like they did in California. In the future you can rest assured they will push through these millions of illegal immigrants that they are letting in this year as well as the 20 to 40 million who are already in the United States.

not silentSalty1

For Salty: If the things you mentioned in your comment were all done LEGALLY (and I see nothing in your quote that indicates otherwise), there was no cheating and nothing stolen. It's just how democracy works. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. You may not AGREE with these things, you may rail against them, and you may consider some of them unethical; but that is different from cheating and stealing.

I don't LIKE a lot of things democrats have done. That's why I'm not a democrat and why I didn't vote for Mr. Biden. But not liking something and not agreeing with it does not make it illegal.

If you can demonstrate that something illegal was done, based on evidence presented under oath and/or in court, please do so. I hate to tell you, but your tactic of taking apart a main stream media article sentence by sentence and adding your "spin" to it reminds me of the debates I used to have online with atheists who avoided the facts and instead took my comments apart sentence by sentence and misinterpreted/misrepresented everything that was said to try to discredit me.

Salty1not silent

When you break the law it is illegal plain and simple. When you stuff ballots it is illegal. When you do away with voter laws so you cannot tell who is voting and if a ballot is legal or not you are setting the stage for corruption. Does it make any sense to you why at the same time Biden forces government workers to wear masks he lets in large numbers of illegal immigrants infected with COVID? We need wisdom during this time to know who our friends and enemies are. If you cannot even identify your enemy and treat him as your friend then your enemy can play you to work his cause.

not silentSalty1

To add to my previous comment: I think the selective censorship being used by social media outlets is problematic, and I think a lot of people agree-liberals as well as conservatives. But using hyperbole to spin things YOUR WAY is not going to help-it's going to make them crack down MORE, and they are going to have the government on their side. Tyranny works by using bold strokes. Democracy works by convincing more folks (to partially quote from the play Hamilton).

Salty1not silent

I am not using hyperbole for if you read what is happening today it doesn’t look good for our country. The Democrats are conducting one of the largest power grabs in history. We are seeing the left take over and dominate the social media platforms, schools, universities, big business and we are hold little power to resist. The woke crowd are demanding Society follow a hyper race-centric viewpoint that could take away our religious freedoms, and shut down our churches. If we really care about the gospel message we will fight against these godless radicals and won’t allow it to infect the church. Economically, many are causing us to spend ourselves into oblivion. Socialism and communism are a real threat as the youth are brainwashed by the education system.

Are you kidding me that conservatives are censoring others. The censorship is done by Big Tech in conjunction with the leftist MSM, and the Democrats.

not silentSalty1

For Salty, sorry, apparently my comment wasn't clear. I AGREE with you that "big tech" has been known to selectively censor certain views. But I wanted to point out that this is not just a concern for conservatives. I think EVERYONE is afraid of being cancelled and of other abuses of social media like being doxxed.

I'm afraid we will have to agree to disagree about your use of hyperbole. To be very clear: If you have proof that someone "stuffed the ballot box" based on evidence presented under oath and/or in court, please provide it. If you have proof that specific laws were broken based on evidence presented under oath or in court, please provide it.

Claims made by media personalities on YouTube or other forums where the person was not made under oath and was not subject to cross examination and could have easily manipulated the data are NOT PROOF. Reinterpreting what a writer said in Time Magazine (i.e., twisting their words) is NOT PROOF.

Also, to be clear, I agree that socialism is a risk to this country. And I'm very concerned about losing religious freedom. But that does not justify manipulating data or spreading misinformation to promote conservative goals.

Laura W

Thought experiment: When the votes are counted, Trump is declared president. But it's close, and many on the other side think the Republicans cheated. Furthermore, they're angry with their own party for acquiescing to the Trump win. So a crowd of angry folks descends on the Capitol prior to the vote certification, many of them armed with conventional and makeshift weapons, and makes death threats against Pence and Pelosi.

As they force their way forward, some of them begin attacking officers and defacing property. A woman tries to break into the legislative chamber itself, and was shot by the defending officers. At long last, the mob is dispersed, with thankfully very few lives lost. But for many of those who had to fight hand-to-hand with a crowd calling for their death, the experience remains an ongoing nightmare.

See how it looks when it's from the other side? "They started it" isn't a good excuse for hypocrisy.


Liberals have blown up the Capitol TWICE in the past.
The riot would have been worse had Trump won. We have seen the "peaceful protests" ALL OVER THE U.S.
Pelosi would have put together a committee to find out how Trump won, not a committee to indict the people who rioted in the Capitol. And then impeach Trump for winning.
Dems NEVER understand how someone else could win when they cheat so good.


As I said, "They started it" isn't a good excuse for hypocrisy. Using violence or the threat of violence to interfere with our democratic process is wrong, no matter from which "side" it comes.


One Dem loser was promised a win. So when she lost, she told Pelosi to overturn her loss.
Another case of finding more ballots with her name on them.
It's funny how when lost ballots turn up, not one is for the opposition.


Hmmm… it seems odd to me they are only taking testimony from Capitol officers who were terrified during the protest. Wouldn’t you think they should also hear from some of the officers who were fist-bumping protestors and moving barricades for them? Guess there were some who didn’t fear for their lives that day. Wonder why?

It’s obvious what Pelosi et al are up to—smear President Trump some more. That’s the whole reason for this. Anything to try to quash the Republican who didn’t play the stupid traditional Washington DC games. That’s why we elected Donald Trump, in case you’ve forgotten. Because we were sick and tired of the “real politicians” playing their “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” games, while the actual concerns of we-the-actual-owners of this Republic were ignored.

Well, we certainly can’t have that, say the real politicians, Democrat and Republican alike. What number of our elected Congressional employees are actually loyal to us, actually are in DC to work for OUR interests? 20%? 15%? 10%? Abraham bargained with the Lord to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if as few as 10 righteous people could be found living in those evil cities. Would 10 righteous be found in our Congress? Possibly, but let me make it clear that I don’t believe supporting President Trump is a sign of righteousness. That train has departed the station. Mr. Trump had his day, he did some good things, but he also displayed great flaws.

We need righteous men and women in Congress (along with ALL of government) who support what is right and moral, the Constitution, the wishes of the majority, and the rights of a multitude of minorities. We DO NOT NEED those who go to Washington to enrich themselves, to behave as nobility over us, to destroy the foundations this amazing Nation was built on, or to destroy the rights of the majority in order to appease self-seeking minorities.

I believe one of the biggest things we can do towards this, after beseeching Almighty God for his mercy and protection, is to work for term limits. Why do we hear so little advocacy for term limits? Hmmm?

Laura WOldMike

Simple. If you join a mob, you have little to fear from it. But what about my questions? What do you think those officers should have done when she broke in?

OldMikeLaura W

Hmmm…. I don’t know why you would be asking me that. My remarks did not address the shooting of Ashli Babbitt.

But I’ll address that now briefly, since you insist.

The Capitol police, plus Secret Service if they were present, had/have a duty to protect our Nation’s Constitutional officials. They had barricaded themselves in some areas of the Capitol. No one knew what the protestors’ true intent was, whether they were armed, and so forth. I believe when the window was broken and Ms. Babbitt appeared to be trying to enter the barricaded area, the officer(s) made a more or less appropriate decision to escalate to the use of deadly force.

Ms. Babbit’s death is regrettable, as are the deaths of officers in the aftermath of the protest. But all of those forcefully entering the Capitol should have been aware force might be used to try to stop them.

And let me add, security of the Capitol was pretty much left to chance that day, by Pelosi and others. There were obviously no clear instructions given to officers, and possibly no clear policies in place to deal with a riot or protest at the Capitol. If there had been, we would not have seen such a mixed response from police, with some waving protestors past barricades and others inside fearing they were about to be killed. I think it’s a given that Pelosi’s stacked jury WILL NOT be addressing those failures.

Laura WOldMike

Thanks! And I agree that something went seriously wrong in the lead-up and security preparations. I initially mistook your comment for yet another by NEWS2ME.


What do you think Police should have done to rioters who were looting and burning across our nation most of 2020? They were harming police. Shouldn't they have SHOT those people in defense? They weren't even allowed to have any type of protection.


MAYBE the people who rioted in the Capitol on Jan. 6 thought they would get the SAME CONSIDERATION as the rioters who tried to burn down America. Some of those were arrested and immediately released.
INSTEAD they are going after the Jan. 6 people just for being there.

not silentOldMike

For Old Mike, I don't think we disagree all that much, to be fair; but one thing I do disagree about is this: "Real government" in a nation as large and diverse as ours MUST involve working with opponents to come up with a solution that helps the nation as a whole. What many view as "political games" is actually the art of working together for a mutual solution. It's hard, it takes time, and sometimes it involves compromise. The only way to avoid doing those things is through tyranny!

If you think Mr. Trump was not playing his OWN games, I have some swampland in Florida to sell you! At any rate, I think you will agree that people like me who did not for Mr. Trump but are pro life and pray for the righteousness of our land have just as much ownership in this republic as you do.

OldMikenot silent

There are lots of different kinds of “political games.” I’m referring to something different from what you are thinking of.

Just as an example, consider the issue of secure borders. A lot of Americans have been alarmed for a long time about the numbers of illegals entering our country, particularly across our border with Mexico. (It’s estimated there are at least 12,000,000 people in the US illegally!). So when our Congresspersons have been out in the districts talking to us, and we mentioned that as a concern, we hear the response, “Yes, I am also very concerned about that and am working in Washington to get the border secured.”

Yet for years nothing meaningful was being done. It would seem that our Congresspersons were not really interested in securing the border. Republicans or Democrats, little action. That’s the kind of game I’m referring to. They never say, “American People, just get used to us ignoring your concerns!” but many issues have been ignored like that.

So Mr. Trump gets elected and he does not follow the rules of the “real politicians.” Mr. Trump starts construction of a border wall. Regardless of our individual opinions about President Trump or a border wall, it is obvious that Donald Trump believed if the American People are concerned about something, government should be addressing it. I’m not going to make a list here of issues addressed by President Trump that our “real politicians” have conspired for years to ignore. But there are MANY.

not silentOldMike

For Old Mike, thanks for clarifying your comment. I certainly can't disagree that politicians often play games, talk out of both sides of their mouths, act like hypocrites, and don't necessarily represent their constituents very well. I give Mr. Trump credit for the things he did right, but I felt he sought his own interests much more than mine and more than the country's as a whole.

For what it's worth, I didn't vote for Mr. Biden either. And I do not judge others for their choices considering how limited our choices have been. I.e., I'm okay agreeing to disagree about individual politicians; and I definitely DO agree about praying for our nation and for God to bring righteousness and revival.

Laura W

Lots of words, but still no answers to my questions. What do you think the officers should have done when she forced her way in? That is what happened, isn't it?


Are you sure SHE is the one who broke the window?
I saw another video from a Japanese person who films terrorists.
Main stream media did not offer to make her film public.
A conservative vlogger put her film on youtube. (I can't find it now.)
It showed a black guy breaking a window with a helmet while capitol police watched.
Then the black guy stepped to the background and changed his clothes.


What do YOU think police should have done to the rioters who burned and looted and killed across America in 2020? Police were not even allowed to use riot gear. They didn't even want them to use tasers.
The rioters were encouraged by Dems. They rioted for a criminal who now has his own statue.
I don't know what Trump is all about. This basically is NOT about Trump.
There is NO TRUTH coming out of Dem mouths.


There is MORE to the story of the woman who crawled thru a broken window.
What year, if ever, do you think we will be told the WHOLE TRUTH?
Certainly NOT while Pelosi and Biden are in Power.


Pelosi was warned to beef up CAPITOL protection. She alone was responsible.
I'd hold her responsible for not protecting the Capitol Bldg.
But she got rid of the GOP who were going to bring that aspect up at yet ANOTHER KANGAROO COURT.
The 2 "GOP" who she allowed to remain on the committee are indeed RINOs.


LEFTIST TERRORISTS can burn down cities, homes, and kill people, and it's ok?


Of course not. What gave you the idea that I would think that?


Because you think that a woman crawling thru a window is more dangerous than burning, looting, and killing in riots across America.
The police who were up against dangerous people who were trained to burn down America, knew they could not protect themselves.


1971 - A BOMB EXPLODES in the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., causing an estimated $300,000 in damage but hurting no one. A group calling itself the Weather Underground claimed credit for the bombing, which was done in protest of the ongoing U.S.-supported Laos invasion. A radical faction of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Weathermen advocated VIOLENT means to transform American society. The philosophical foundations of the Weathermen were Marxist in nature; they believed that militant struggle was the key to striking out against the state.
The Weather Underground leader now teaches YOUR CHILDREN as a professor.


"Flashback: When the Capitol Building was Bombed By a Women-led Terrorist Group in 1983"
"At 10:58 p.m., a blast went off on the second floor of the structure’s north wing. The explosion blew doors off their hinges, shattered chandeliers and sent a shower of pulverized glass, brick and plaster into the Republican cloakroom. The shock wave from the explosion sounded like a sonic boom. This is actual domestic terrorism. Voting for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020 is not.

It wasn’t our best day as a nation, but this wasn’t Pearl Harbor. It wasn’t 9/11. And it wasn’t the American Civil War. Only Ashli Babbitt was killed inside the building. The sad aspect about these two incidents is that that if a left-wing terror group bombed the Capitol, I’m not sure the media would do their jobs in reporting it. I don’t trust them. Not after what we’ve seen from the past four years. "


Where is the murderer who shot the unarmed woman at the capitol?
Some of the capitol police were watching from the sidelines.
Pelosi is only looking for a particular outcome from this committee, just like her impeachment group.
I pray someone gets a conscience and tells the truth, but not to Pelosi in private. That person might just have a sudden heart attack.
Did anyone really investigate the "suicides" of the Capitol police connected with the riot?
Or was it another fbi cover up?


Well, there was a large number of angry violent people who were forcing their way into the Capitol building. Many of them were making death threats against specific people who were in that very room. So when one of the crowd found an unsecured entrance and began to enter the room, do you really think they had time to determine whether she was armed or not? What if she had been?

I hope no one does disclose who it was that fired the shot. I'm sure it was what they were all trained to do (and didn't expect to ever have to).


From ALL of that, there was ONLY ONE shot fired?
They know who did it. It was a black guy. There seems to be a video.
Will we be seeing the video? I wonder.


Remember the couple who pointed guns at rioters who were trespassing on their property during all the blm and antifa rioting? The couple did not fire a shot. Many people were threatening them. The mob tore their gate off the hinges to enter. The couple were arrested. Why were they charged? Because it was a "peaceful" protest? The rioters most certainly harmed people? Those people have been returned to the streets.


By looking at your response to the Capitol riot, it is obvious that you are only open to one-sided narratives. You are being fed double-speak and fake news.
Please open your eyes as well as your ears to the truth.

Big JimLaura W

When a police shooting occurs it seems there is usually an exhaustive investigation and the officer's identity is made known and there is a microscopic investigation into motive, tactics, background, record, etc. Of late, and especially when a white officer kills a black person, the whole thing goes viral. Laura W do you think that it's OK to expose and publicize the officers' identity in the aforementioned circumstances but not in the Jan 6 Capitol case?


Not just their names, but also where they live.