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Baby Indi Gregory dies after court-ordered life support removal

Indi Gregory's parents fought to keep her on life support. Associated Press/Christian Concern

Baby Indi Gregory dies after court-ordered life support removal

Indi Gregory passed away Monday morning at a hospice facility after her life support was removed Sunday, said the advocacy group Christian Concern. The eight-month-old had suffered brain damage due to a rare mitochondrial disease. She had been on life support at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, England. Doctors argued her condition was incurable. Her parents, Dean Gregory and Claire Staniforth, worked with Christian organizations to legally fight for their daughter. England’s high court in October ruled it was in Indi’s best interest to have life support removed at a hospital or hospice facility. The United Kingdom Court of Appeals on Friday dismissed her parents’ petition to remove life support at home.

What other efforts were made to save her life? Last week, the Italian government granted Gregory citizenship and offered to transfer her to a pediatric hospital in Rome. The government had agreed to pay for her care at the Vatican-run Bambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital. British courts and parents have previously battled over the treatment of terminally ill children, including Alfie Evans in 2018 and Charlie Gard in 2017, according to Catholic News Agency.

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