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House cancels Thursday session due to threats

A National Guard member along Constitution Avenue at the Capitol on Wednesday Associated Press/Photo by J. Scott Applewhite

House cancels Thursday session due to threats

U.S. Capitol Police disclosed a possible plot by an unidentified militia group to attack the seat of government on Thursday. Some online conspiracy theory groups have discussed the possibility of former President Donald Trump returning to power on March 4, the day the Constitution set for the presidential inauguration until the ratification of the 20th Amendment in 1933.

Is law enforcement ready? The Capitol police department said it had performed security upgrades and increased manpower to protect Congress. The Senate was still expected to meet Thursday, but the House decided to conclude its weekly business Wednesday evening for the sake of safety. At a Senate hearing on Wednesday, Maj. Gen. William Walker, commander of the District of Columbia National Guard, described an hourslong delay in getting approval from the Pentagon to deploy to the Capitol the day of the Jan. 6 riot.

Dig deeper: Read Harvest Prude’s report in The Stew about the effect of the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol police officers.

Lynde Langdon

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not silent

I must respectfully disagree with some commenters.  My family knew before the riots on Jan. 6 that trouble was likely, based on comments by the president and comments from people we knew personally. We were so convinced there would be trouble, we fasted and prayed ahead of time. We never dreamed it would be as bad as it was-that people would attack Capitol police, breach the building, and threaten legally elected lawmakers.  But we are grateful it wasn't worse.  Since that time, there has been a lot of finger pointing and accusation that there was not sufficient preparation to deal with the riot.

Since the threat of violence on Jan. 6 was clearly underestimated, I think they are trying to prevent a repeat of those events. Whether I like what Congress is doing or not, they are doing what the Constitution says for them to do-making laws-and they should be able to do it without having to fear violence, disruption, or death from any individual or group. I may not like everything that happens in our country, but that's how a democratic republic works. 

One additional comment: I grew up in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement, and the role of white supremacist groups in lynchings and firebombings was so underreported that I knew nothing about it until I grew up and left the area. One reason for that was that the violence which was committed by white supremacists was blamed on minorities and civil rights workers.  I am ashamed that I grew up unaware of the truth about the terrible things that happened during my lifetime. It appears to me that they are using the same tactics they used back then-commit violent acts and then deflect and blame "the usual suspects." 

Saying there is scant evidence of serious threats when violent and unjust people have already breached the Capitol, threatened members of Congress, and injured many Capitol police officers-and others are threatening to commit additional violence-seems like a dangerous and shocking denial of reality.  I don't know what else to do but to pray that God brings wisdom, truth, and guidance to all who follow him.


If the "For the People Act" passes the Senate, then it effectively opens up all states forcing them to have mail-in ballots. Now tell me smart World Investigative Reportors, why would Democrats want this? They are just trying to make our voting system open to all voters. They would never think of illegally harvesting ballots! They are honest god-fearing folk just concerned with social justice. They care about the prisoner and want him to vote the minute he gets out of jail. They want to fund the disadvantaged politician who doesn't have very much money with federal tax dollars. 

Without honest elections the only option is revolution! Sad!


I can't help but think this is overblown political hype for the sake of advancing an agenda. There is fencing surrounding the entire Capitol building, at least 5,000 National Guardsmen still present, and a never-ending stream of fearmongering from the political Left about white supremacists and militias with scant evidence of serious threats.

Steve Shive

I'm not supporting the reason they aren't meeting today but we the citizens are better off the less they do meet. Maybe the White House, or at least Oval Office, can take a few weeks or months off as well? It is hard to not see politics in this though. I'm sure threats on the government and various elected officials are not uncommon in all administrations regardless of who holds power at any moment in time.