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Congress passes stopgap funding bill

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who has been critical of President Biden’s domestic spending agenda, chairs a committee hearing on Thursday. Associated Press/Photo by J. Scott Applewhite

Congress passes stopgap funding bill

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said “cooler heads prevailed” as the chamber approved a bill late Thursday to prevent a weekend government shutdown. Passing the Senate by a 69-28 vote, the short-term deal will maintain federal spending at current levels and keep the government running through Feb. 18. The bill also includes $7 billion for Afghan refugee aid. The House passed the bill earlier in the day in a largely party-line 221-212 vote, with just one Republican supporting it, as lawmakers raced to approve funding before Friday’s midnight deadline.

What was the hangup? Many conservative Republican senators oppose President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates and any budgetary items that enforce them. Republican Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Roger Marshall of Kansas authored an amendment to prohibit federal dollars from being spent to implement and enforce the vaccine requirements, but the Senate voted down the measure.

Dig deeper: Read Carolina Lumetta’s report in The Sift on the latest pauses to healthcare vaccine mandates.

—WORLD has updated this report since its initial posting.

Onize Ohikere

Onize is WORLD’s Africa reporter. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and earned a journalism degree from Minnesota State University–Moorhead. Onize resides in Abuja, Nigeria.



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$7 billion for Afghans
Are they buying a house and a car for each family?


$7 billion? If there are say 70,000 individuals and averaging four to a family, that would be about $400,000 for each family. ( 70,000 / 4 = 17,500 x $400,000 = $7,000,000,000 ). In answer to your question, well... yes!


The homeless in our cities could use some help too. If we give each homeless family $400,000 then we could knock out homelessness. Well, as we are being smart as a woke person, then we could knock out world hunger if we gave out each family $400,000 around the world. We just have to tax the rich people and all will be fine!

What disgusts me is that Republicans signed on the bill. It is time to hold them accountable!