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Harris visits Mexico

Vice President Kamala Harris (left) and Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei at a news conference in Guatemala City Associated Press/Photo by Jacquelyn Martin

Harris visits Mexico

Vice President Kamala Harris plans to meet with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to talk about immigration and other issues. She heads to Mexico City on Tuesday after her trip to Guatemala.

What has she done so far? During her first international trip as vice president, Harris met with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei and pledged U.S. support for improving conditions in the country. She urged Guatemalans not to attempt the dangerous journey north, where they stand a good chance of falling prey to human traffickers, and insisted the Biden administration would enforce U.S. immigration laws. Shortly after Harris’ meeting with Giammattei, the Justice Department announced it would step up efforts to stop corruption in Central America and established a new law enforcement task force to fight human trafficking and smuggling.

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Leigh Jones

Leigh is acting managing editor for WORLD Radio. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate who spent six years as a newspaper reporter in Texas before joining WORLD. Leigh also co-wrote Infinite Monster: Courage, Hope, and Resurrection in the Face of One of America's Largest Hurricanes. She resides with her husband and daughter in Houston, Texas.


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My opinion is, the very largest thing we in the US could do to help stabilize Latin America, is to STOP USING DRUGS! Yeah, likely will never happen. And as long as the demand for drugs is here, folks in those places will do their best to profit from it, with all of the accompanying evils.

My Two Cents

Well, that sounded like a worthwhile visit.