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Georgia governor calls for election audit

Election workers and observers at a Richmond County elections facility in Augusta, Ga., on Monday Associated Press/Photo by Michael Holahan/The Augusta Chronicle

Georgia governor calls for election audit

President Donald Trump’s legal team said a surveillance video from one of Georgia’s voting centers showed fraudulent activity. The video seems to show people taking boxes of ballots from under a table and counting them after election observers left the room. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, on Thursday called for an audit of signatures on the state’s absentee ballots. Georgia GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger would have to order such a move.

How have election officials responded? Some state election officials have pushed back on the claim. Frances Watson, chief investigator for the Georgia secretary of state, told Lead Stories that no one told election observers to leave for the night. She said they followed another group of election workers out of the room but were free to come back. Another official said observers returned later. Watson described the containers as normal bins used to hold ballots and said workers only scanned ballots without observers if the observers had already seen them opened.

Dig deeper: Read Emily Belz’ report on election software vulnerabilities.

Harvest Prude

Harvest is a former political reporter for WORLD’s Washington Bureau. She is a World Journalism Institute and Patrick Henry College graduate.



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not silent

Old Mike, thanks for clarifying your position.  I'm sorry my comment was not more clear.  To be very clear, I wasn't talking about you personally, about ALL supporters of Mr. Trump, or about EVERYONE who supported Mr. Trump because of the courts.  Also, when I talk about "the courts," I'm not talking about individuals but our entire legal system and how it works within the larger government as set up by the Constitution. 

Yes, there are individual justices who have extreme political views. My confusion is not about rulings regarding abortion. I think I've made my pro life views clear numerous times. I'm talking specifically about recent articles, news, decisions, etc regarding election fraud.  I have said over and over again, but I find it very odd that such serious charges as potential election fraud would be repeatedly presented in settings like hotels, etc, which allow speakers to bypass essential parts of our court system like placing witnesses under oath (i.e., so they would face perjury charges for not telling the whole truth), disallowing hearsay evidence, and cross examination of witnesses. I also don't understand why evidence which WAS presented in a courtroom and dismissed and/or rejected by judges who were republicans and/or appointed by republicans has been summarily dismissed.   

To be as clear as I can be: I'm confused by the views expressed by a very specific smaller group within the larger group who supported Mr. Trump because of the courts: those who previously said they supported Mr. Trump because of the courts (i.e, his ability to appoint conservative justices), but they are now casting doubt on decisions made by judges and officials who are republicans and were literally appointed by Mr. Trump.  I also don't understand why there is so much focus by the same people on claims which were presented in hotels and in press releases as if they carry more legal weight (or truth) than decisions rendered IN COURT, made by conservative officials, under our present legal system WITH Mr. Trump having been president for four years.

not silent

Cyborg, I'm not naive enough to trust ANY media.  I check everything out with other sources.  However, I DO trust our system of government and our court system. I and Tim Miller have repeatedly asked you to show us if and when voter fraud was presented and/or proven in court, but you have consistently presented data from media sources.   

Before the recent election, I kept hearing people say they were voting for Mr. Trump BECAUSE OF THE COURTS. I guess I'm confused that now I hear so many Trump supporters questioning decisions made by our courts and focusing on allegations presented in press releases and the media. 

Cyborg, I get that you don't trust liberal media.  Neither do I. I don't trust ANY media because I think all humans have bias by nature.  I and Tim Miller have repeatedly asked you and others if these serious and explosive allegations were presented in court, and all the links and references so far have referred to videos or statements made to the media outside of the courts.   I'm not trying to assume; I really want to know: Why are these extremely explosive allegations being presented in the media instead of in court?  If the courts can't be trusted-i.e., if they are allowing such massive fraud and corruption-exactly who SHOULD we trust to deal with these issues and why should we trust them?     


We must not be naive on this. Why would the poll watchers just leave the room? At the hearing the reason they left the room was because an election official told them that they were shutting down until the next morning.  Why was suitcases pulled out from under the tables? Is it standard protocol to carry ballots in suitcases? The liberal media is spinning the news to say that the poll watchers weren't told to go home but clearly everyone left the room. Were there any Republicans allowed back into the room? Is the supposed "Republican" really a Republican? Were the ballots put back in the suitcases or were they mixed in with other boxes making it impossible to track the votes? I heard it was the latter.


Is there any Christian naive enough to trust the liberal mainstream media. They were the ones feeding us the fake Russian dossier story for four years. They were the ones reporting unsubstantiated leakers from government, with the goal of removing Trump. They pushed the impeachment claiming there was legitimate reasons to get rid of Trump by a partisan low level government "whistle blower" who never even heard the tape. The greatest irony was that Biden did put pressure on Ukraine threatening to withhold a billion of US aid if they didn't get rid of the official that was investigating his son's company where he worked. 

We have real video evidence of massive voter fraud and the liberal media wants to paint it as "business as usual"? If this evidence was available during the previous election where Trump won, do you think they would be asking any questions about it? The Democrats and liberal mainstream media will say anything to get Biden elected! They cannot be trusted!