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FBI chief testifies about Capitol attack

FBI Director Christopher Wray at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting Associated Press/Photo by Graeme Jennings

FBI chief testifies about Capitol attack

Director Chris Wray said the January riot at the U.S. Capitol was “criminal behavior, plain and simple. And it’s behavior that we, the FBI, view as domestic terrorism.” Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he also argued against claims by U.S. Capitol Police officials that the FBI did not warn them about threats to the building.

What did the FBI know before the riot? Senators grilled Wray about a Jan. 5 report from a field office that warned of online posts foreshadowing a “war” in Washington the following day when Congress met to certify the results of the presidential election. Capitol Police leaders say they never saw that report. But Wray said the FBI shared it even though the information was raw and unverified. He also said domestic threats have been growing for years and the FBI has been sounding alarms about them.

Dig deeper: Read Emily Belz’s report about a potential rise in domestic terrorism in the United States.

Kent Covington

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What a WASTE of time and money. If any group were to be defunded, it should be them.

They went after Trump for something they made up. Russian garbage.

They arrested innocent people and made them confess to something they did not do.

They know antifa/anarchists were in on the capitol riot. I've seen the videos.

They have proof positive the election was rigged. 

"The United States has been conducting presidential elections for 232 years. No modern candidate has ever refused to accept the results and recognize the winner's legitimacy..." (this from Yahoo's FAKE NEWS) Rewriting history much?

How long did Dems protest Bush's wins? They protested Trump's win for 4 years. 

When a Dem wins it's the perfect election and NO ONE CHEATED? 

Dems have been protesting Republican wins and stuffing ballot boxes across the U.S., not just Pres. wins. 

We should never trust these guys again. Especially since we found out they are controlling who should be elected in the U.S., just like they do with other countries.