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California Assembly seeks LGBT affirmation from pastors, churches

California Assemblyman Evan Low Associated Press/Photo by Rich Pedroncelli (file)

California Assembly seeks LGBT affirmation from pastors, churches

The California State Assembly passed a resolution on Monday calling on religious leaders and others with “moral influence” to affirm homosexuality and transgenderism. The resolution asks counselors, pastors, churches, educators, schools, legislators, and others to avoid supporting traditional and Biblical views of sexuality, which the measure claims can cause suicide and depression. The text of the resolution includes philosophical statements about the nature of human sexuality and a broad condemnation of so-called “conversion therapy,” which it says “has been rejected as ineffective, unethical, and harmful.”

More than two dozen doctors, counselors, activists, and other Christian leaders signed a letter condemning the resolution, which they said violates religious freedom. “Religious leaders have the constitutionally protected right to teach religious doctrine in accordance with their faith, and politicians have no right to tell clergy what is moral, dictate the content of their sermons, or instruct them in religious counseling,” they wrote.

Democratic Assemblyman Evan Low introduced the resolution earlier this month after pulling his controversial bill last year that would have banned any attempt to change sexual orientation—even when a person has unwanted same-sex attraction. As a resolution, ACR 99 does not have the force of law. It will now go to the state Senate for a vote.

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Thanks for your thoughtful input, Not Silent.  I have not read the original text, but if your quotations accurately summarize its intent, your additional comments are very appropriate, and needed.


I'm not in agreement with your statement as I don't think it addresses the issue of what this article is informing.  This issue is that the government of California wants to impose on those who teach "morality", i.e. churches, to discard Biblical truth on sexuality for a man-centered perspective on sexuality.  To discard Biblical truth....

This is not about affirming the existance of the LGBT community, and it's not about shutting anyone out from the Gospel, it's purely another tool in the box for the LGBT community to impose their way of life as something we should all accept as normal, something that is ok with God.  Indeed we are to love our neighbors and our enemies, but I can not find any scripture that dictates that we should denounce God's truth for man's sake.  

With that said, this is a violation of our Constitutional right to free speech.  What is needed to ensure we are stripped of our freedoms is for us to allow ourselves to be manipulated and indoctrinated into believing we are wrong when living out our convictions.  It won't be one thing that takes us down that road, but many small steps, like puzzle pieces, whereas it comes to a complete halt once the last piece is placed.  We must not be deceived because our feelings control our hearts.  What is God's truth, and are we willing to stand firm on His Word?    


This has been one of the goals of the LBGTQ agenda from the very beginning. It is why they refused civil unions and demanded a redefinition of marriage. Once marriage was corrupted, penalties for those who refuse to embrace it is the next logical step. As Ravi Zaccharias says, sin will always take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay.


Personally, I will be happy to give affirmation to the LGBT community:

YOU, along with those of us who have more traditional views and lifestyles, are made in the Image of your Creator, who loves you! Intensely!  He wants the best for you, as He does us. And he has standards He expects all of us to live up to.  But when we mess up, as we ALL do (sin; violate His standards; live in defiance of His Will) He has made a way for us to be reconciled to Him—Through repentance, and coming to Him by acceptance of His Son Jesus Christ as Lord and the only possible means of bridging the gap between our sinful selves and God’s Holiness!

God does not demand that you change, then come to Him.   He only says, “repent.”  Then, if your acceptance of His Lordship is genuine, He Himself will begin working whatever changes in you are needed.  The acceptance is not the end but only a first step;  the changes may not be easy but He will be with you every step of the way, to whatever extent you allow Him to be.  It is the same journey we are on.

We love you (as we have been commanded by God), and pray you recognize and accept God’s Love for you!



The people advancing this resolution claim that those who speak the truth in regard to homosexuality cause distress  leading to depression and suicide. No it is only through the truth of the Creator of all will there be found any hope. Their true dispute is not with pastors and counselors but with God Almighty. And their only deliverance and salvation is through God Almighty and His salvation through God the Son. It is through the truth we are set free. 

West Gramma

Amen!! First Amendment freedoms work in all directions.


How long till the government dictates to you how you are supposed to feel towards the militant LGBTQ agenda?  This resolution is unconstitutional in that it violates the First Amendment protections of religious freedoms, and freedom of speech.  Unfortunately, those that voted to pass this resolution don't even know what the US Constitution says, let alone abide by it.  How many more florists, cake decorators, photographers, and other business will the LGBTQ community target because they don't abide by the "religious" teachings?