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Biden raises tariffs on China while taking shots at Trump

President Joe Biden announcing plans for new tariffs on China Associated Press/Photo by Susan Walsh

Biden raises tariffs on China while taking shots at Trump

U.S. President Joe Biden announced a new round of tariffs on Chinese goods Tuesday in an attempt to bolster American industry. They included a 100 percent tariff on Chinese electric vehicles to thwart foreign EVs from flooding the market. Biden also raised tariffs on solar panels and semiconductors to 50 percent. He announced 25 percent tariffs on Chinese-produced EV batteries and the minerals, steel, and aluminum needed to produce them. China is determined to dominate these industries, and the Biden administration is determined to ensure America leads the world in them, the president wrote after his remarks.

Additionally, Biden announced tariffs on Chinese-produced health equipment, including masks and gloves. The pandemic exposed a need for the United States to manufacture and stock its own supply, he said. During his address, Biden also highlighted what he said were underhanded Chinese business dealings, directly acknowledging China’s “well documented” cyber-espionage program. He called it “cheating” and said it had caused damage to the United States.

What did he say about Trump? Biden accused former President Donald Trump’s administration of not carrying out promises to increase American exports and boost manufacturing. China was supposed to buy $200 billion more in American goods, but Chinese imports from America barely budged, Biden said. He also alleged that Trump’s intention to impose tariffs on all imports from all countries would drive costs up for families by an average of about $1,500 per year. Trump simply doesn’t get it, he added. When asked to respond to Trump’s previous comments that China was eating America’s lunch, Biden quipped, “He’s been feeding them a long time,” with a laugh.

How has China responded to the tariffs? Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded to the impending tariffs hours before they were announced. China opposes unilateral tariffs that violate World Trade Organization rules, Wenbin said. He added that China will take all measures necessary to defend its legitimate rights and interests.

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