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Biden ahead in Georgia; Trump lawyers claim fraud

An election worker looks at a ballot during a hand recount on Sunday in Marietta, Ga. Associated Press/Photo by John Amis/Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Biden ahead in Georgia; Trump lawyers claim fraud

A top election official said Thursday the hand tally of about 5 million votes reaffirmed Joe Biden’s lead of about 13,000 votes in the Peach State. Georgia is expected to certify results on Friday. After that, the Trump campaign can request another recount by machine.

Where does the outcome of the election stand? Since Election Day, Trump’s campaign and its allies have filed 21 legal challenges. The president’s lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and Sidney Powell, said during a news conference in Washington on Thursday that certain electronic voting machines and software were rigged, resulting in widespread voter fraud. Giuliani said he could prove his claims, but he can’t show the evidence right now because of pending court cases and for fear that witnesses might face retribution.

The voting technology company Dominion denied the accusations and pointed to audits that showed accurate counts of ballots, along with a statement of support from federal agencies. Some Republicans are pressing the campaign and its lawyers to tone down the rhetoric unless or until they can prove their allegations. “It needs to either be proved or withdrawn,” Karl Rove, a former adviser to President George W. Bush, told Fox News.

Dig deeper: Read Jamie Dean’s report about two crucial Senate runoffs coming up in Georgia in January.

Editor’s note: WORLD has updated this report since its original posting.

Kent Covington

Kent is a reporter and news anchor for WORLD Radio. He spent nearly two decades in Christian and news/talk radio before joining WORLD in 2012. He resides in Atlanta, Ga.



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Yes, the Dems say "Trust me" when they controlled the voting process in Atlanta and other key cities. The Republicans have many examples of election fraud and even the voting system was used originally to allow voter fraud in Venezuela. Do we trust the Dems at their word? Of course not for we have seen just how far they will go in the last five years to gain power.



I did not see Tucker Carlson's response to this claim. I do know the voting system is very easy to hack where Texas doesn't allow it for this very reason. 

I would imagine Silicon Valley had a hand in misleading this lady if there is no evidence. Just watching the election, you could see Silicon Valley covering up news that would benefit Trump or hurt Biden. The bias was on full display if you took time to look at it. 

Update 2:  11/23/2020

Here is the Friday interview with Sidney Powell.


Tim, regarding the Tucker Carlson article, he wanted to see the evidence but Sidney Powell chose to not give it to him because she is in the midst of the investigation on it. She has a right to withhold the evidence, just like Tucker Carlson has ever right to request the evidence. The burden of proof will be on Sidney Powell to show this in court. From what I have heard it is statically evidence, where she may very well be right, but we will have to see if the court will accept the evidence as convincing enough. This is not to say that she doesn’t have much more evidence of this fraud but one of the key pillars is the statistical evidence. Here we see Tucker Carlson glad to see her efforts in a follow up comment of his previous statement.


Notice that Tucker Carlson believes the election was stolen from Trump by the Democrats- a position he has not changed. 

The National Review lost a lot of credibility when their many anti-Trumpers went after the president spouting the same garbage by the leftist press. They then tended to fall in line when they realized they were losing credibility in the eyes of many Republicans. Now these same individuals are once again showing their true colors by not actually looking at the vast amount of credible evidence, just like the judge. Evidence is evidence and it should be presented to the media and in the courtroom.

West Gramma

Old Mike, may I confess that your apology to me is so meaningful that it has brought me to tears? Especially since we have not interacted for several months. I kept wondering where you were, since I have not seen your name in a long time. I, too, was very seriously considering canceling my subscription to World. I was just waiting until after the election to do so.

As I consider what we are all up against, it seems that each one of us is presenting from an honest heart the picture we see in front of us. The difficulty is that our "pictures" of what we think is true politically are so very different. This is because our sources of news are different and we believe in our sources differently. But when you, Old Mike, write things like what you just wrote here, that is a genuine picture of Christ-in-you that I can verify as concerns my own heart about myself. He is the one truth we share and can embrace.

Your apology is the first "good" I have seen come from this whole time frame, something that we as Christians can all agree upon: namely, the Lord Jesus is bigger than all of this. Satan's tactic is to "lie," deceive, divide, and destroy. In the political arena, we may never solve which ones of us are believing a "lie," but in the Christ-realm, we should not be destroying each other for the sake of politics. We are unified in Christ.

My fervent prayer for the church is that our vision would clear, and that we could see the Ephesians 6:12 kind of activity that's happening in the church right now. And I don't think that staying quiet is the answer, as most of my friends in most of the churches I've belonged to are. We just need to pray to the Lord to help us all become more discerning in whom we choose to believe and trust.

Thank you Old Mike. I'm glad you're doing well. I had been concerned.




This is pushing a lot of us right up to the edge.  When I read Narissara's comment, that she is cancelling her subscription, I immediately felt sorrow for my own part in contributing to the discord. 

First, I will apologize to TIM MILLER for my attack on him in another thread, accusing him of being a liberal troll and implying he is not even a Christian.  I'm sorry, Tim, and also to everyone who read that.  It was so far out of bounds and there's no excuse for me making judgments like that on anyone. 

Second, I'll apologize to not silent (I'm using everyone's World "handle" exactly as they themselves use it) for my implication in the same thread as above that she might not be "one of us."  Also, for my contentious manner in debating not silent in other threads. 

Next I must also apologize to West Coast Gramma for my contentious manner with her in many threads. 

Not sure of user name, but I also owe an apology to Hans, a reader and commenter I've not seen on The Sift in a while, for my contentious manner with him. 

Also, I've recalled another commenter, Allen Johnson, whose toes I've stomped on. Mr. Johnson, I'm sorry for my rudeness to you as well. 

And I apologize to any I've forgotten, and to all Sift readers for my arrogance.

Next, I hope Narissara comes back once more and reads this, because I'm asking her to PLEASE reconsider cancelling her World subscription. I also want to tell her that I, for one, have valued her contributions here, and I'm sure many others have as well.  

I try to keep reminding myself The Lord is in control of all this, but then I get riled up about something and forget. 

Time for a deep breathe and a step back. Thanks to all for your patience!

Tim Miller

Old Mike, thank you for your graciousness. I must have missed the comment, and I can be very trollish sometimes. I apologize as well. I use my name so I hopefully will remember to be kinder and more gracious myself, but I have likely gone beyond bounds in this discussion, too. I'm sorry. 

I do agree with you that the Lord is in control, and am grateful that it is ultimately He, not me, that is guiding history.

I look forward to more discussion with you and others, but I will do my best to be better at being slow to speak and quick to listen.

God bless!

Tim Miller

Narissara, I hope you'll reconsider and be part of a dialog that involves "candor, intelligence, and goodwill," something I think I find here, even when disagreements get strong. One of my favorite Wright Brothers stories is that they would often debate an issue, starting in the evening. They would argue till morning, and by morning, they would have switched sides ... but still arguing.

I think it sharpens all of us when we engage with each other, and consider the other side, and even, as I believe Not Silent is trying to do, try to find common ground. I need to do better at that myself. 

Either way, thanks for being a part of the action here. God bless!

not silent

Narissara, I think you misunderstood my meaning.  I never tried to dictate to anyone about whether or not to post links.  Let me say it very clearly right now: I have NO PROBLEM with anyone posting links, nor am I suggesting they should NOT post links.  I was only saying that I, personally, would not click on them and explaining why.  

Let me also say very clearly: I have bent over backwards to avoid the impression of putting words in the mouths of others.  I don't know how to be more clear than to say, literally, "I'm not trying to put words in your mouth, just to understand."  

If anything, it is YOU who are putting words in MY mouth, Narissara.  You are also infering motives in me that I do not have.  I do NOT view things as extreme black or white; in fact, I have tried very hard to present multiple sides of every issue. I am also NOT trying to polarize anything or create straw man arguments and then attack them.  I am not trying to control others or their comments, and I have actually commented several times about abortion. I don't know what the Hegelian dialectic process is, but it looks a lot like you are trying to intellectually bully and discredit me with "intellectual" words like atheists have been doing for years whenever I present an argument they can't refute.  

I can't help how others see me, but I have tried very hard to explain what I REALLY think and how I REALLY feel.  I have tried to make peace with you by focusing on the areas where we agree instead of where we disagree.  But you seem intent on presenting me as the way you see me instead of listening to what I am actually saying and singling me out for attack.  I would prefer not to argue with you, Narissara; and I think you will regret it if you cancel your subscription because of a disagreement with one commenter out of the many who post here. It's also not fair to punish World because of your disagreement with one commenter out of many.  Even if you and I can't make peace, would you consider not penalizing World because of your reaction to my comments?  

not silent

Election fraud is a very serious federal crime and should be investigated and prosecuted. You ask if we "trust the dems at their word." I guess my question for you would be this: Do you trust Republicans, like Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, who said there was no evidence of election fraud? If not, who exactly do you trust-and why?

(I know you like to provide links to articles, etc., and that's fine Cyborg; but I have a policy of never clicking on links provided on comment boards.  As I said to someone else earlier, it's not about you personally-just a precaution I learned in years of debating atheists online.)

Tim Miller

This is a convenient way to move the target so there's no actual way to verify the count.

Why didn't the Republican poll watchers call the Republican lawyers they have and standby when these shenanigans were supposedly going on? Why didn't the Republicans challenge any of these things they thought were odd or in error? Why weren't complaints made to the secretary of state?

Either this is a lie or a massive failure of the Trump campaign to do their work on the front end. Given their legal scheme team, I'm persuaded that the first is far more likely.

Tim Miller

"even the voting system was used originally to allow voter fraud in Venezuela" - I'm going to do what I have rarely done, and link to Tucker Carlson. Even he admits that this is not backed up, at least not yet, by evidence. 


"we have seen just how far they will go in the last five years to gain power" - We have seen not just how far "they" will go to gain power, but how far "we" will go to gain power.

The Trump lawyers are making their case in TV, not court. https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/11/checkmate-in-pennsylvania-for-the-trump-campaign/


As Rudy Giuliani said in yesterday's press conference, the recount is going to be just as corrupt as the original count since so many of the ballots are corrupt.