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WORLD’s Top 25 articles for 2020

Our year-end countdown of the stories that generated the most reader traffic

A boy gets his temperature checked at the Los Angeles International Airport in November. Associated Press/Photo by Jae C. Hong (file)

WORLD’s Top 25 articles for 2020

With the coronavirus, a presidential election, and racial tensions dominating the headlines in 2020, it is no surprise that stories related to those topics dominate the Top 25 countdown of the best read articles and columns on WORLD’s website this year.

Click the headline links below and take a trip back through the past 12 months of WORLD’s Biblically objective journalism that informs, educates, and inspires.

25. Theologian and churchman J.I. Packer dies at age 93

“God saves sinners” was his simple summation of the gospel

by Jamie Dean July 17 | WORLD Magazine | Features

24. George Floyd’s search for a new start

Floyd came to Minneapolis to find work, but his death in police custody has fueled riots across the country

by Sharon Dierberger May 30 | WORLD Magazine | Features

23. David French: The case against Donald Trump

A negative assessment of Trump’s tenure and future outlook

by Marvin Olasky Sept. 24 (Oct. 10 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Culture

22. Black lives matter: The slogan vs. the organization

The group’s beliefs work against the goal of protecting black lives

by Marvin Olasky June 26 | WORLD Magazine | Voices

21. An adaptation of the Gospels worth watching

The Chosen is smart and entertaining

by Megan Basham April 11 (May 9 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Culture

20. Hunter Biden’s emails: An explainer

Did presidential candidate Joe Biden and son Hunter profit from foreign business deals while the elder Biden served as vice president? Here’s what we know about a laptop and emails purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden

by Harvest Prude Oct. 31 | WORLD Magazine | Features

19. Warrior follows through gates of splendor

Mincaye, one of the Waodani warriors who attacked and killed Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and three other American missionaries in 1956, died on Tuesday in his home village in Ecuador

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich April 29 | WORLD Digital | The Sift

18. Inside the outbreak: Church in a pandemic

President calls for no gatherings of more than 10 people

by Jamie Dean March 13 | WORLD Magazine | Features

17. Ravi Zacharias dies at 74

Apologist and author dies of cancer after a decadeslong teaching ministry

by Katie Gaultney May 19 | WORLD Magazine | Features

16. Washington state erases parents from the equation

State lawmakers propose school-based healthcare for teens

by Mary Jackson Nov. 13 | WORLD Digital | Relations

15. Wayne Grudem: The case for Donald Trump

A positive assessment of Trump’s tenure and future outlook

by Marvin Olasky Sept. 24 (Oct. 10 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Culture

14. Protection from a pandemic

An infectious disease expert shares how Americans can prepare for a coronavirus outbreak

by June Cheng March 2 | WORLD Magazine | Features

13. Publishing employees try to blockade Peterson

Conservative author’s new book draws complaints before being printed

by Collin Garbarino Dec. 1 | WORLD Digital | Muse

12. All of a sudden

Sometimes important events happen not with a whimper but a bang

By Andrée Seu Peterson April 14 (May 9 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Voices

11. A “silver bullet” for COVID-19?

A Texas doctor claims he’s found a cure for COVID-19, but the evidence is still out

by Charles Horton, M.D. July 10 | WORLD Magazine | Notebook

10. How Taiwan fended off the coronavirus

The island of 23 million avoided a crisis by acting quickly and using data

by Angela Lu Fulton March 26 | WORLD Magazine | Features

9. New York’s Dunkirk moment

On one April night, hospitals from Pennsylvania to Albany sent a fleet of helicopters to help evacuate New York COVID-19 patients needing oxygen

by Emily Belz April 10 (May 9 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

8. Finding life in a life sentence

Serial killer David Berkowitz tries to finish well in a circumstance that drives many to despair

by Emily Belz Jan. 30 (Feb. 15 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

7. Telling the truth about coronavirus

Ordinary Chinese citizens are finding creative ways to tell the truth about their government’s response

by June Cheng March 20 | WORLD Magazine | Journals

6. Questions about QAnon

The apocalyptic internet movement QAnon is gaining followers by the thousands, and churches are slow to respond

by Emily Belz Aug. 19 (Sept. 12 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

5. Inside the outbreak: Creative coronavirus help

Innovative ways to be good neighbors in a crisis

by Leah Hickman May 29 | WORLD Magazine | Features

4. Rising Republican star faces accusations from women

Several women complain of aggressive sexual behavior from young North Carolina congressional candidate

by Harvest Prude Aug. 16 (Sept. 12 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

3. China’s real death toll

How many people really died of COVID-19 in Wuhan?

by June Cheng April 2 | WORLD Magazine | Journals

2. New sexual misconduct claims surface about Ravi Zacharias

Famed apologist’s ministry and denomination pledge to investigate

by Emily Belz Oct. 1 (Oct. 24 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

1. The vitamin D factor

Research shows vitamin D sometimes prevents the common cold. Could it help ward off the new coronavirus?

by Charles Horton, M.D. March 9 | WORLD Magazine | Notebook

Mickey McLean

Mickey is WORLD’s executive editor for audience engagement. He previously was the executive editor for WORLD Digital. Mickey resides in Greensboro, N.C.



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