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WORLD’s Top 25 articles for 2018

Our year-end countdown of the stories that generated the most reader traffic

WORLD’s Top 25 articles for 2018

In 2018, WORLD’s online readers were drawn to major cover stories and timely features from the magazine, daily news reports from The Sift, and insightful Saturday Series essays. But issues related to marriage, family, and sexuality were often foremost in the minds of our readers this past year, as the website’s weekly Relations roundup makes multiple appearances in our countdown of the 25 articles that grabbed your attention the most.

25. A long way from home

Before getting lost in a cave, Adul Sam-on found direction for his future at a Thai church and school

by Angela Lu Fulton July 13 | WORLD Magazine | Features

24. Moody Bible Institute leaders resign amid turmoil

Moody Bible Institute announced Wednesday the resignation of President J. Paul Nyquist and Chief Operating Officer Steve Mogck amid ongoing turmoil following staffing cuts

by Leigh Jones Jan. 11 | WORLD Digital | The Sift

23. Willow Creek elders respond to new Hybels accusations

The elders of Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago said in a letter Saturday they could have done a better job holding former Senior Pastor Bill Hybels accountable for inappropriate behavior toward women

by Lynde Langdon April 23 | WORLD Digital | The Sift

22. Facing cultural storms

Six trends that are rapidly reshaping the lives of American Christians

by John S. Dickerson Nov. 24 | WORLD Digital | Saturday Series

21. Turkey seeks life sentence for U.S. pastor

Turkish prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for a U.S. pastor accused of participating in the 2016 coup that attempted to oust Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

by Leigh Jones March 13 | WORLD Digital | The Sift

20. Boards back SOGI compromise

Major Christian groups endorse framework to expand LGBT rights in exchange for religious protections

by J.C. Derrick Dec. 12 | WORLD Magazine | Features

19. Multiple fatalities in Houston-area school shooting

Local media are reporting multiple deaths in a shooting at a Houston-area high school

by Lynde Langdon, Leigh Jones & Mickey McLean May 18 | WORLD Digital | The Sift

18. Numerous dead in Florida school shooting

There are “numerous fatalities” from a shooting at a South Florida high school on Wednesday afternoon, according to the school superintendent

by Kiley Crossland & Leigh Jones Feb. 14 | WORLD Digital | The Sift

17. The end of international adoption?

New State Department regulations could strangle an endangered industry

by Kiley Crossland March 2 | WORLD Digital | Relations

16. Dare to be different

Ten reasons why parents should offer the gift of a smartphone-free childhood

by S.J. Dahlstrom Dec. 8 | WORLD Digital | Saturday Series

15. He comes, the old man

A short story lesson on respect for the aged

by John R. Erickson Jan. 20 | WORLD Digital | Saturday Series

14. The hidden risks of at-home DNA testing

The popular tests pose security concerns and may reveal hard-to-handle truths

by Kiley Crossland Jan. 5 | WORLD Digital | Relations

13. Convictions and consequences

The backstory of Isabella Chow’s stand for Biblical sexuality before the UC Berkeley student senate

by Sophia Lee Nov. 20 | WORLD Magazine | Features

12. What’s behind the surge in transgender teens

Experts cite the mass marketing of transgenderism to youth

by Kiley Crossland Feb. 9 | WORLD Digital | Relations

11. A tale of two worldviews

How Ta-Nehisi Coates is tearing down what Martin Luther King Jr. built up

by Scott Allen Feb. 10 | WORLD Digital | Saturday Series

10. Billy Graham’s legacy

Remembering the evangelist to millions after his death at age 99

by Edward E. Plowman Feb. 21 (March 17 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

9. Hidden violence

Spousal abuse is a widespread sin that many churches ignore at their—and their members’—peril

by Sophia Lee May 10 (May 26 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

8. A slanderous charge

The American Library Association’s criticism of Little House entirely misses the mark

by Megan Basham June 29 (July 21 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Television

7. Chinese police raid prominent house church

Officials have taken into custody more than 100 members and leaders of Early Rain Covenant Church in a crackdown that began Sunday night

by June Cheng Dec. 10 | WORLD Magazine | Features

6. Crouching at every door

Sexual abuse is a problem in both Roman Catholic and Protestant churches—and here are three environments in which Protestants are especially vulnerable

by Marvin Olasky, Sophia Lee, & Emily Belz Aug. 30 (Sept. 15 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

5. Moody blues

Financial errors, insider dealings, and theological concerns force a change at an evangelical powerhouse

by Paul Butler & Marvin Olasky Jan. 17 (Feb. 3 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

4. Boy Scouts crumbling

Critics say moral collapse preceded financial one

by Kiley Crossland Dec. 21 | WORLD Digital | Relations

3. Papered over

Biblical truth-telling at college newspapers can sometimes conflict with the way administrators want to portray the school. Here’s a case study of how Liberty University handled the tension last spring

by Charissa Crotts, Elizabeth Rieth, & Isaiah Johnson Aug. 16 (Sept. 1 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

2. Hard times at Harvest

Former elders, pastors, and staffers from Chicago’s Harvest Bible Chapel accuse the church of financial mismanagement and a culture of deception and intimidation

by Julie Roys Dec. 13 (Dec. 29 issue) | WORLD Magazine | Features

1. Joni Eareckson Tada diagnosed with cancer

Joni Eareckson Tada, a Christian author and advocate for people with disabilities, announced Monday she has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time

by Lynde Langdon Nov. 19 | WORLD Digital | The Sift

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