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Trump works to mobilize religious voters

The former president’s activity suggests he’s seriously considering running again.

Paula White and President Donald Trump at a 2018 dinner for evangelical leaders at the White House Associated Press/Photo by Alex Brandon (file)

Trump works to mobilize religious voters

Former President Donald Trump and a group of faith leaders recently announced an effort to engage and unite religious voters. Called the National Faith Advisory board, it reassembles longtime Trump religious advisers and could support another run for president.

Televangelist Paula White, who prayed at Trump’s inauguration, said the board would continue the work of a group of religious leaders who advised Trump during his time in office. She named former White House officials Amanda Robbins Vargo and Jennifer Korn and said they and 70 unnamed “executives” had joined the new group.

Leaders from Catholic Vote, My Faith Votes, and politics-focused prayer group Intercessors for America spoke at the online kickoff meeting. They asked Trump for his take on President Joe Biden’s handling of religious freedom and abortion. Trump pointed out that Biden has rescinded the Mexico City policy, which banned the U.S. foreign aid money from funding abortions. He slammed Biden for rising inflation, the chaotic pullout from Afghanistan, and attempting to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, and he repeated the claim that he won the 2020 presidential election.

Trump also complained that Catholic and Jewish people hadn’t voted for him despite his opposition to abortion and support for Israel, including moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. About half of Catholic voters in the 2020 presidential election cast their ballots for Trump, along with about 31 percent of Jewish voters, according to polling by AP VoteCast.

The National Faith Advisory board could try to improve those numbers if Trump decides to run for president again in 2024. A recent flurry of rallies, press statements, and fundraising efforts suggests he’s thinking about it. After Trump spoke at last week’s meeting, Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in the Dallas–Fort Worth area prayed that Americans who “voted the wrong way” would vote differently in future elections after seeing Biden’s policy choices. Then meeting organizer David Kubal of Intercessors for America unmuted all the attendees’ microphones and everyone prayed out loud, voices blending into an incomprehensible murmur. Kubal urged attendees to return weekly for more prayer.

Esther Eaton

Esther is an education reporter for WORLD. She is a World Journalism Institute and Liberty University graduate and enjoys bringing her parakeets on reporting trips.



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Tim Miller

Trump and his lawyers repeated numerous lies, put out false information, and continue to push ungrounded accusations of a "stolen election." They are bearing false witness, slandering honest election workers, and destroying confidence in our electoral system. They pushed for Mike Pence to take unconstitutional action to steal the election himself. If Trump still has a home in the Republican Party, it can do all the flag waving it wants to, but it is not a pro American party. There is no justification for the lies.

Evangelicals have made a deal with the devil ... the same deal Democrats made when they elected Bill Clinton. Give us power, and we will surrender our principles.

In God's kingdom, the how matters as much as the what. We do the right thing and leave the consequences in God's hands. We don't lie and cheat and steal "that good may come. " We "swear to our own hurt" and trust God with the outcome.

We should be repenting instead of doubling down.

Salty1Tim Miller

That is the question! “Who is the liar?” And I don’t think it is Trump!

Tom Hanrahan

Thinking about gathering people of faith to work on our future:

As I read through Jeremiah, I found chapters 28 and 29 jumping out at me with applicability to political events in the USA, 2020 and 2021. Do others see the same? (I am NOT claiming to be a prophet!)

28:1-4 False prophet Hananiah tells everyone that their king will be restored shortly, and the bad political guys will be overthrown.

Fall 2020: Many false prophets predict Trump will win election.
2021: they continue to predict he will be restored {for many reasons: fraud exposed, etc.}
This ends poorly for Hananiah (rest of ch28)

29:1ff Jeremiah tells everyone that they need to submit to the new authority, pray for its success, don’t go marching off to battle, settle in for the long haul, and don’t listen to phonies who tell you otherwise. Keep searching after God (v13), and restoration will come (v14, and the verse people love to quote out of context, v11 “I know the plans…”)

2021: It seems to me we have few Jeremiahs, compared to too many like Shemaiah (v24ff) who prophecy lies and rebuke the Jeremiahs (v27-31)

All this to say, it is GOOD to gather people of faith. If they are indeed tuned in to God. The ones who claim to speak for God but put out falsehoods (do I even have to name them here.. it’s obvious, isn’t it?) do *not* need to be part of those efforts.

Salty1Tom Hanrahan

I think you are on risky ground trying to make connections between the Old Testament times and today. There are principles we can gather from the Old Testament but the way you are applying it is problematic. You have some crazy Christians making clearly baseless prophecies and we automatically denounce Trump because of them? It seems unfair to me.


"voted the wrong way"

Wow. Every human effort and ideology is flawed in some way. Can we not respect our brothers and sisters in Christ who cannot in good conscience support something they see as antithetical to the gospel? It's always good to be reminded of Lewis' words of wisdom from Mere Christianity:

"Christianity is the total plan for the human machine. We have all departed from that total plan in different ways, and each of us wants to make out that his own modification of the original plan is the plan itself. You will find this again and again about anything that is really Christian: every one is attracted by bits of it and wants to pick out those bits and leave the rest. That is why we do not get much further: and that is why people who are fighting for quite opposite things can both say they are fighting for Christianity."


True then, even truer now: https://wng.org/articles/unfit-for-power-1617305343

He's unfit is every single way imaginable to be president and the white evangelical support for him has probably set back their witness and reputation decades, if not farther. He is everything evangelicals use to say a person should never support in a political candidate, because principles and character were more important than policy. In light of such, the current about-face and hypocrisy is staggering and shameful.


Trump will be the next Republican nominee for the presidency and I for one believe he is the best man to weed out the corruption. This time he will be hardball and won’t let the high level bureaucrats play their deep state games. Heads will roll and that is exactly what needs to be done with all the corruption we have seen. We have incompetent Generals in our military. The State Department and national security orgs believe they are in charge and are above the president. We have the NIH with Fauci and Collins hiding the fact that they were indirectly funding gain of function research at the Wuhan lab. Both should be in jail for this was monumental stupidity for this helped the Chinese bio warfare research and helped lead to the worldwide pandemic. We are seeing the woke mentally pushed on government nationally. We have open borders where literally millions will be let in this year, and many have the coronavirus. There is a culture of death where babies in the womb are dying.


I’m not in favor of another Trump presidential term, but I AM in favor of him taking part in the process of getting a conservative into the White House. An apparent Trump run can have 2 roles I think could be beneficial: One, the sight of numbers of Trump supporters can help push some less-conservative Republican pols farther right, because they won’t want to look “liberal” in conservative voters’ eyes. Two, the mere name “Trump” throws many liberals, including the “mainstream” media, into a frenzy, and they do and say outrageous things that help us see how far they are from the actual mainstream of America.

Mr. Trump is indeed a disrupter, and I see him as being very useful in ways he himself does not intend. God IS in control, whether we think we are cooperating with His Plans or not.

Laura WOldMike

Yes, probably the best thing he could do at this point would be to not run again, but to support a good candidate who is. That might be the only chance of uniting both his die-hard fans and those with serious concerns about his personal judgement and/or character.

Tom Hanrahan

I see the name "Paula White" and know it's time to focus elsewhere. Her personal life and theology are both a mess... why would anyone take advice on spiritual matters from her?

Salty1Tom Hanrahan

Most Christians don’t have good theology but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek to vote for the candidate who most closely follows the Christian beliefs. Do you really think Biden is better?

Tom HanrahanSalty1

Personally, I would vote for 99+% of any GOP candidate who would run against Biden, precisely because of your first statement, with which I completely agree.

Salty1Tom Hanrahan

Thanks Tom. You give me some hope. I sure pray that we Christians can become united again. Blessings to you!

Tim MillerSalty1

Both are disasters.

Tim MillerTom Hanrahan

I think she is an excellent choice for this position. Trump hires the best people.

My Two Cents

Here we go again. If God ordained Trump to save America the first time, then how did his election get stolen? He has every right to run again, and people can vote for him again if they feel he is the best candidate, but please stop making this a “Christian” issue. And while we’re at it, I sure hope and pray we can find a leader next time around. I’ve said it about the vaccine, and I’ll say it again. A vaccine card is NOT a ticket into heaven, and neither is a vote for Trump.

Tim MillerMy Two Cents

Very well stated.

Salty1My Two Cents

Trump won the first time so I think God had a plan working in this. In spite of some of their rulings, the Supreme Court has generally ruled in our favor. We should thank God for Trump!

Tim MillerSalty1

Then Biden is also God's choice, and we should thank God for Biden.