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Parents stand up to indoctrination

A lawsuit against a Minnesota school district is about more than posters

Students at Montpelier High School in Vermont raise a Black Lives Matter flag. Associated Press/Photo by Lisa Rathke (file)

Parents stand up to indoctrination

Parents and taxpayers in Lakeville, Minn., are challenging a Minnesota school district policy that allows Black Lives Matter signs in school but prohibits Blue Lives Matter or All Lives Matter signs.

They filed a lawsuit on Friday in federal court, contending that the exclusion of alternate viewpoints by Minnesota’s Independent School District 194 violates the First Amendment guarantee of free speech. The district’s “inclusive poster series” for school hallways includes two posters containing the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” as well as the statement, “At Lakeville Area Schools we believe Black Lives Matter and stand with the social justice movement this statement represents.”

Kalynn Wendt, one of the parents challenging the school policy, is the mother of a 9-year old Lakeview Elementary student Novalee, who upbraided the school board at a public meeting over allowing the posters. “MLK said, ‘I have a dream that one day my four little children will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,’” said the young girl. “That dream has come true. I do not care or look at the color of skin, but you make me think of it.”

The lawsuit gives voice to a festering, nationwide dispute over the incorporation of critical race theory (CRT) and “anti-racism” doctrine into school classrooms—both promoted by the organization Black Lives Matter, said Doug Seaton, president of the Upper Midwest Law Center.

“We find many school districts in Minnesota and throughout the country are imposing this CRT ideology, which is fundamentally a racist theory, Marxist-derived, and hostile to all races,” Seaton told Newsweek. Seaton said the controversial doctrine divides rather than unifies, forcing people to view themselves as part of a racial or ethnic group and pitting them against one another.

Nine-year-old critic Novalee may have the last word: “Get the posters out of our schools,” she told a chastised school board. “Courage is contagious, so be courageous.”

Steve West

Steve is a legal correspondent for WORLD. He is a graduate of World Journalism Institute, Wake Forest University School of Law, and N.C. State University. He worked for 34 years as a federal prosecutor and is now an attorney in private practice. Steve resides with his wife in Raleigh, N.C.



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Interesting photo at the top of this article. Mostly Caucasians.

And a child shall lead them... we certainly need more courageous people to stand for the values on which this country was founded. We are far from perfect but somehow, until recently, we have been the best example of freedom one could imagine. And this despite our failings.


I loved your ending. Courage is contagious. Unfortunately, so also is fear. As Chuck Colson said, " Christians are called to be courageous. Sorry, Chuck, if this is a misquote, but I think it gets your meaning across.