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Title 42 remains for now

Title 42 remains for now

The Supreme Court demands a plan

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffers a cardiac arrest on the field

Pro-lifers work to educate mothers on the risks

Courts draw free speech lines at home and abroad


The first pope to resign in 600 years leaves a legacy of conservatism

Family-friendly films, Elon Musk, Babylon Bee, and Top Gun were the year’s winners

Around the world, 2022 was a year of the Four Horsemen: conquest, war, famine, and death

Roe’s reversal, the “red wave” that wasn’t, and Russia dominated headlines in 2022

Worn-out approaches to homelessness, the immigration crisis, and the fentanyl epidemic dominated 2022

American education seems to focus on everything but teaching the three R’s