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Ebola resurfaces in Congo

The Central African nation could face a ‘triple emergency’

World Vision’s Martine Milonde offers instruction about coronavirus prevention last week in Beni in eastern Congo. Associated Press/Photo by Al-hadji Kudra Maliro

Ebola resurfaces in Congo

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: The World Health Organization reported two new cases of Ebola on Friday, less than two days before health officials prepared to declare a formal end to the outbreak that began in 2018 and killed nearly 2,300 people. With its resurgence, aid groups warn Congo could face a “triple emergency”: lingering Ebola, a surge in coronavirus cases, and ongoing violence in the war-racked country. Already officials have diverted slim healthcare resources from Ebola to combating COVID-19.

GLOBAL: “Easter isn’t canceled,” said Queen Elizabeth in her first address to mark the holiday, and her second to the nation since the coronavirus outbreak began. But celebrations marking the day of Christ’s resurrection around the world were just strange.

UNITED STATES: The U.S. death toll eclipsed that of Italy on Saturday and on Tuesday exceeded 23,000. President Donald Trump asserted Monday night he will have final say over loosening restrictions, setting up a battle with mostly Democratic governors in hard-hit Northeast states looking to ease closures.

You shouldn’t miss the daily updates of Dr. Craig Smith, chairman of the Columbia University Department of Surgery, who sees good news in the number of medical teams across the country showing up to help in New York City, while describing bad news as the city’s hospitals exhaust their intensive care space and ventilator supply.

Turning attention to recovery at this point, he said, has “a whiff of desperation” that’s understandable: “Our dilemma couldn’t be more simple and obvious. We can’t begin returning to normal until our ICUs have room for non-COVID patients.”

LIBYA: Fighting has intensified and hospitals are being targeted, despite pleas for a “humanitarian pause” to prepare for the spread of coronavirus. The UN-backed government has battled forces behind warlord Khalifa Haftar, who is gaining ground with increasing Russian support.

CHINA: The close relationship between Beijing officials and the World Health Organization predates the coronavirus pandemic, downplayed by both with catastrophic consequences and speaks to China’s growing clout among UN world bodies. China this week is reporting a spike in new coronavirus cases, perhaps related to a rapidly increasing number of cases in Russia.

ITALY: The coronavirus has killed more than 100 Catholic priests in Italy, including 24 who died in 20 days in hard-hit Bergamo. Fausto Resmini, 67, was one of them, the chaplain of Bergamo’s prison for nearly 30 years and founder of a center for troubled youth.

NICARAGUA is promoting crowds, festivals, and otherwise flouting restraints in the face of COVID-19, while President Daniel Ortega is “nowhere to be found.”

INDIA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended a nationwide lockdown until May 3, making the announcement on what was to have been the last day of government-imposed restrictions on nonessential businesses.

FRANCE: Deer roam the streets of Paris, and other wildlife are taking over the world’s deserted thoroughfares.

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