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Kicker: Don’t kiss toads


WORLD Radio - Kicker: Don’t kiss toads

The National Park Service are warning about the dangers of the Sonoran Desert Toad

Sonoran Desert Toad Photo/iStock

NICK EICHER, HOST: You know, there are a lot of rules and regulations in the national parks and now the Park Service rolled out yet another: don’t lick the toads.

REICHARD: I won’t! I promise.

EICHER: Maybe this is overweening government, but it seems we ought to be able to live with this.

It’s hard to believe people have to be told, but evidently the warning is necessary because the Colorado River Toad, recently known as the Sonoran Desert Toad, is highly toxic.

Apparently some people seek the psychotropic high that this toxin can deliver, but this is not advised.

So the park service says:

“Whether it be a banana slug, unfamiliar mushroom, or a large toad with glowing eyes in the dead of night, please refrain from licking.”

That’s a lot of detail. How about? Just say no!

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