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Kicker: An abominable snowman


WORLD Radio - Kicker: An abominable snowman

After a massive snowstorm, a Minnesota man made a massive snowman


NICK EICHER, HOST: When life gives you a snowstorm, you make a snowman. When it gives you a massive snow storm, well, then you go big or you go home.

Eric Fobbe of Buffalo, Minnesota, went, well, you be the judge. He built a 30-foot snowman in his front yard. The audio here from FOX channel 9:

ERIC FOBBE: Pile it up right here and then I take a snowblower and blow one big pile.

It took Fobbe 40 hours and a whole weekend of work. Uff da! His creation has a 75-pound hat, large wooden button eyes, a traffic cone for a nose, and custom-made mittens by Eric's wife Stacey:

STACEY FOBBE: He said can you grab me some of your mittens and I said for what? And he said the snowman and I'm like no, no I will sew some …

As Minnesotans have heard about the sculpture, they've come from all over to snap photos of the gargantuan snowman. So Eric makes sure he’s always camera-ready …

ERIC FOBBE: When it's sunny out or it's over 30 degrees. I'll come home from work and I noticed that it's shrunk a little bit. So I'm out here adding snow to it nonstop.

This isn't the first oversize Fobbe snowman. The first was 12 feet, then 20, and last year it topped 25 feet. This year he's taller and wider than ever. At what point is it no longer just a snowman, but an abominable one?

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