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Kicker: A strange sighting in the sky


WORLD Radio - Kicker: A strange sighting in the sky

Some residents of Seoul, South Korea became worried about visitors from another planet


NICK EICHER, HOST: People in Seoul, South Korea can be forgiven for thinking a mysterious light seen last Friday night may have come from out of this world!

Video footage showed an object in the sky beaming a cone of light onto the city streets below.

But after some callers expressed fear they were looking at an invading UFO, the South Korean Defense Ministry said nothing to see here, folks, it was merely a test-fired solid-fuel rocket.

The ministry said it did not announce the launch in advance because it involved military security issues.

If we spot a flying bicycle, we’ll know there’s more to the story than the South Korean government is admitting.

REICHARD: Nice reference to E.T.

EICHER: It’s The World and Everything in It.

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