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Kicker: A motionless miss


WORLD Radio - Kicker: A motionless miss

An art show attracts the concern of police officers


NICK EICHER, HOST: Well, sometimes you just can’t believe your own eyes.

Police in London received a call about a person in distress at a London art gallery. It was after hours and the gallery was closed, but the person could be seen by passers-by through a window.

She was motionless and had been for a long time.

Officers had to break down the doors to gain entrance. And there they found a woman slumped over a table, as though she’d collapsed.

About the same time, a gallery worker who’d been locking up entered the room to find two very confused officers.

You see, the person in distress was an artistic work titled “Kristina.” She’s made of packing tape and foam filler, but so realistic, it’s not the first time she’s drawn official concern.

A few months ago at an art show, paramedics were called. Not to worry, Kristina the work of art is doing exactly what she was made to do.

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