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Kicker: A 94-foot putt


WORLD Radio - Kicker: A 94-foot putt

An Auburn student completes a 94-foot putt to win a car


NICK EICHER, HOST: Over the weekend an Auburn University basketball fan stood on the baseline at one end of the court. He hunched over a bright orange golf ball with a putter in his hand...

ANNOUNCER: Alright Auburn family. It's time to putt for another car. I got Craig here…

Craig Noyes says he isn't much of a golfer, so the randomly selected sophomore was just hoping to successfully get the golf ball to the other end of the court.

ANNOUNCER: He's so focused and ready. Should we just let him do it? Oh, he's just gonna do it.

As the ball crossed mid-court at Neville Arena, the crowd held its breath as the ball lightly bounced straight and true...

ANNOUNCER: All right. There it is. There it is. Oh, that's the way! Yeah.

As the ball rolled through a very small hole 94 feet away, the sold-out crowd went crazy. Noyes became the first person to win the contest in more than eight years. He says it was so loud he had no idea he'd won until the announcer grabbed his shoulder and told him.

Well, Auburn ended up losing, but the fans from both teams were still celebrating that putt.

I think it’s safe to say Craig Noyes probably had a ball too.

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