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The Biden White House really went there

Transgender Day of Visibility is secular man’s Easter, a celebration of resurrection through desecration

President Joe Biden speaks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Tuesday. Associated Press/Photo by Evan Vucci

The Biden White House really went there

Sometimes, there is no guesswork to determine the direction of the modern Democratic Party’s moral compass.

They come out and tell you, and it is blasphemous.

Yesterday, March 31, was designated by the Biden White House as “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

If you read WORLD Opinions, you also celebrated Easter yesterday.

The White House recognizing certain groups or individuals is customary. Until there’s an unspoken agenda behind it.

That’s right, while American Christians celebrated the pinnacle of their faith on Resurrection Sunday (the same Christian faith that has undergirded the American experiment), the Decency-is-Back caucus in the Biden Administration marked the day by celebrating transgender ideology.

Defenders of the White House’s decision to mark the day argued that Transgender Day of Visibility falls annually on March 31. It was just a coincidence that the two days aligned, so the argument goes.

To say nothing of the fact that transgenderism has no grounding in American history and tradition, it does not matter that March 31 is an annual progressive liturgical day known as Transgender Day of Visibility. No law mandates that the administration recognize a clownish holiday like Transgender Day of Visibility.

Of course, the White House and even the president’s X accounts ended up putting out perfunctory statements pertaining to Easter on the holiday. That is expected. However, they downplayed the backlash, admitting no problem and seeing no issue with the timing of their announcement.

Look beneath the surface, however.

What matters is that our “Catholic” president and his staff knew it would be controversial for Visibility Day to fall on Easter and decided that appeasing his far-left base and offending Christians was an acceptable trade-off. Let that sit with you for a second. This White House could have done nothing. It could have conceded that poking Christians in the eye on their holiest of Sundays was not worth it. But they could not help themselves. They chose to do so and deserve the criticism they are receiving. As a friend put it, secular progressivism is trying to colonize the calendar. How we mark time and what we celebrate determine who we are as a culture. Dozens of days across the calendar already mark the celebration of sexual sin and sinful identities.

Remember that President Biden ran his first campaign by appealing to the middle. But he has governed further to the left than any president before him. He is a moral disaster for America and an embarrassment to the faux-Catholicism he espouses. A Catholic Church serious about fencing its communicants would threaten him with excommunication. That he continues to be a member in good standing—and even affirmed by the pope—is a moral scandal.

If the modern Democratic Party has not crossed your moral line at this point, well, you have no moral line for it to cross.

Alongside the blasphemous provocation this episode represents, instances such as this demonstrate the degree of moral depravity embraced by the Biden administration and the broader Democratic party. Both have wholly given themselves over to the platform of Romans 1. They are not bashful about it and make no pretenses of hiding their views under a bushel. The worldview of the sexual revolution knows it must supplant its ideological enemy, Biblical Christianity, to conquer all. But we must not remain silent. If only Christians were as bold in their beliefs about the truth as progressives are about their lies.

There’s a worldview connection between progressivism’s obsession with gender ideology and the idea of resurrection. Progressive ideology hinges on the belief that reality and human existence are endlessly malleable and moldable to human will. For the progressive, salvation is found in casting off the morality of traditional religion that imprisons and encumbers within oppressive chrysalises. Liberation and re-birth are found in remaking and reinventing oneself according to one’s preferences or, to cite Justice Kennedy, “to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

Gender ideology relies on the fatal conceit that humans are blank canvasses on which to construct their own purpose.

Seen from this perspective, “Transgender Day of Visibility” is just the Biden administration’s celebration of resurrection through desecration. Mutilate the body and it will arise anew, their false prophets say. Transgender Day of Visibility is secular man’s Easter.

This worldview is foreign from Biblical Christianity and the gospel, where human victory and freedom are not found by looking internally but externally to the God who made us (Psalm 100:3). We belong to Him, not Judith Butler or Michel Foucault.

But the fact remains that matter matters in the Christian worldview because the God who creates the world—and male and female along with it—is the same God who bodily resurrects His Son (Acts 2:24).

If the modern Democratic Party has not crossed your moral line at this point, well, you have no moral line for it to cross. The events of this past weekend should prove just how incompatible the Democratic Party is with anything resembling Biblical Christianity.

What can be said in response to this brazen insanity? Arguments from reason alone will have no ultimate power in dislodging convictions not reached by reason in the first place. The Biden administration and its enablers are beyond the bounds of reason. The United States of America needs another Great Awakening. We need conversions with a massive view of God’s holiness and goodness. Our national soul is hollowed out, resulting in a combination of stupidity, lethality, and regret. Only Christ can heal us from this secular black hole. There is so much need for Scripture, discipleship, preaching, and the local church. There is much work to do.

Andrew T. Walker

Andrew is the managing editor of WORLD Opinions and serves as associate professor of Christian ethics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also a fellow with The Ethics and Public Policy Center. He resides with his family in Louisville, Ky.

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