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December 2, 2023 | Vol. 38, No. 23

A clarion call for the ages

Timothy Lamer | 2023 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | In 1923, J. Gresham Machen exposed the deep chasm between true Christianity and the sham religion taking root in American churches. A century later, Christianity and Liberalism remains an essential book for believers.

A relatable disciple

Bekah McCallum, Maryrose Delahunty | 2023 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Two biographies offer fresh perspectives on missionary Elisabeth Elliot

Worry is not a parenting skill

Chelsea Boes | 2023 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Counselor’s book helps readers see through common child-rearing lies

Treating a theological disease

Emily Whitten | 2023 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Critical Dilemma offers a rich, Biblical engagement with contemporary critical theory

Anatomy of a shipwreck

Sandy Barwick | 2023 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | The Wager is an engrossing indictment of human nature

Fever pitch

Kim Henderson | Surging anti-Semitism puts Jewish students on guard

Emergency exit

Elizabeth Russell | Thousands of congregations leave the United Methodist Church ahead of a year-end disaffiliation deadline


Freeing the Mouse

TRENDING | The earliest version of Disney’s Mickey Mouse enters the public domain


Church-state lessons

BOOKS | Probing the original meaning of the First Amendment

Heroes of the faith

BOOKS | Authors offer short bios of great evangelicals

High callings

BOOKS | Gospel encouragement for women at work

Children's Books

Faith builders for the family

CHILDREN’S BOOKS | Four new books reviewed


The Marvels

MOVIE | Superhero flick is shorter, funnier, and more family-friendly than most Marvel offerings

Journey to Bethlehem

MOVIE | Great singing doesn’t drown out the historical inaccuracies and irreverent humor in this Christmas musical

Trolls Band Together

MOVIE | Animated song-and-dance adventure is only mildly entertaining despite its star power

Box Office Top 10

MOVIES | Top films for the weekend of Nov. 10-12


MOVIE | An elderly classroom pet helps children navigate life in this amusing but sometimes cringey musical


Coming full circle

MUSIC | The new Rolling Stones album is fresh if not original

New and noteworthy

MUSIC | Reviews of four albums

Mismatched athletes

SPORTS | Calls for legal protections grow as teenage girls suffer sports injuries inflicted by males

State of suspense

POLITICS | Former Rep. Peter Meijer’s U.S. Senate bid ratchets up political drama in Michigan

Tweaking the dials

TECHNOLOGY | YouTube updates video recommendations for teens

Truth in advertising

RELIGION | Christian school accused of hiding true tuition costs