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June 3, 2023 | Vol. 38, No. 11

Infamous scribblers

Cal Thomas | ESSAY | After 50 years in the news business, a look at the state of journalism today—and what really matters

Reparations rush

Mary Jackson | Disputes over land, lineage, and documents complicate the Golden State’s bid to right historical wrongs

Marking every mile

Elizabeth Russell | Father and son push through challenges to run the race God set before them


Fake pornography, real victims

TRENDING | As doctored images of women circulate on the internet, laws against deepfakes haven’t kept up


Characters with no voices

BOOKS | The Trackers tries too hard to say big things

Generous stewardship

BOOKS | Authors promote godly attitudes toward money

Stories about stories

BOOKS | A novel that’s worth your time, and one that may not be

Finding time to create

BOOKS | Book encourages artistic moms not to neglect talents

Children's Books

Triumph against the odds

CHILDREN’S BOOKS | Four new or recent books for young readers


It Ain’t Over

DOCUMENTARY | Yogi Berra wasn’t just a cultural icon. He was one of baseball’s greatest players.


MOVIE | Kids’ moon colony adventure lacks originality but ends well


MOVIE | Dark humor frames this fictionalized account of the rise and demise of a once-ubiquitous phone

Box Office Top 10

MOVIES | Top films for the weekend of May 12-14


TELEVISION | Campy spy-thriller series brims with bullets, beatdowns, and bedroom scenes


An adventuresome but disciplined musician

MUSIC | Remembering jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal

New and noteworthy

MUSIC | Four new albums reviewed

A quest for authenticity

HISTORY | The head seamstress at an 18th-century millinery shop makes history that visitors can reach out and touch

Immunity for electors

POLITICS | Georgia district attorney offers fake Trump electors a deal

Electric resistance

BUSINESS | Republicans criticize stringent vehicle emissions targets

Britain’s abortion buffers

LAW | Pro-life activity outlawed outside abortion businesses