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July 14, 2012 | Vol. 27, No. 14

Books are special

The written word is a uniquely powerful, and powerfully Christian, tool of communication

Master craftsmen Some talented authors are showing that the stereotype of sugar-coated Christian fiction does not match reality
Heaven plus all that goes before The fiction of popular author Randy Alcorn often gets overlooked
Victorian culture warrior Nearly 200 years later, how Charles Dickens changed the literary landscape
Feeding souls Christian fiction writer Nate Wilson says Christians should model their writing after the work of the Great Storyteller
Niche nook We asked our reviewers to recommend the best business, humor, sports, economics and self-published niche books of 2011-2012
A religion on the move Riding the roller coaster of Christian history: WORLD's engaging and myth-busting Book of the Year
Book of the Year runners-up The wrong and right ways to help
We're all 'Moviegoers' now Fifty years ago Walker Percy's The Moviegoer launched an unlikely literary career
Theology for 3-year-olds Theologians and others are turning out titles to present the gospel and church history to young, growing minds


Box Office Top 10

For the weekend of June 22-24 according to Box Office Mojo

The Newsroom

It is possible to enjoy this HBO drama even if the wool you've been dyed in is redder than red-state red


New ABC comedy is not one moms and teens can enjoy without reservation

Behind Brave

In an interview with WORLD, <em>Brave</em> producer Katherine Sarafian says she aimed to show the dire results of reckless decisions

Three to remember

Watson, Cosey, and Welch left their mark on American music
The write way

The write way

Author Ann Voskamp says reading, list making, and waiting on the Lord are integral to the creative process
Notable CDs

Notable CDs

Five Gospel or CCM releases

Volatile summer
A lack of long-term solutions to worldwide problems weighs heavily on stocks
Rare breakthrough
Feds back a lizard conservation plan proposed by states and oil drillers
Armchair evangelism
Clubs bring new opportunities to speak with foreign English learners
Alien by adoption
Citizenship law loophole leaves some international adoptees in vulnerable position
Thanking God
Many outspoken Christian athletes are acquitting themselves and their faith well in the public eye
Changing tide
Southern Baptists see membership decline for fifth straight year