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June 30, 2007 | Vol. 22, No. 24

7 fat years

Marvin Olasky | A wealth of treadmill books, 400 to be almost exact, boiled down to an all-time favorite 100

Scout's honor

Warren Cole Smith | Legacy of Honor highlights the role of Scouting in America's secret to greatness

Lynn Vincent | It isn't as easy in today's cultural climate, but parents can have a huge influence on their children's attitudes

Backward, atheist soldiers!

Marvin Olasky | Notable anti-religion and anti-Christian books of the past year-particularly Christopher Hitchens' God Is Not Great-make something out of, well, nothing

Marvin Olasky | Novelist Flannery O'Connor "speaks" on the work of fiction and aspiring fiction writers

Fictional communities

Nancy M. Tischler | From Mitford to Port William, two elegant writers show different sides of Scripture-grace and the valley of the shadow of death

Delay reactions

Priya Abraham | A backlog in passports has bureaucrats on 24-hour call and air travelers fuming

Southern charm

Jamie Dean | Barack Obama makes important time in South Carolina: "If he can derail Clinton here, he can win the nomination"

Fighting chance

Jill Nelson | The battle in Gaza is a humanitarian and security nightmare-and an opportunity for anti-Hamas Palestinians to start fresh

Summer of love

Matthew P. Ristuccia | Forty years ago Beatlemania peaked

Remembering Ruth

Joel Belz | Thousands journey to North Carolina retreat center to celebrate "the glue that held many parts" of the Graham lives together


In her dreams

Waitress seeks escape, Southern Gothic style

Power for good

What's a home with a family when you can be out saving the world?

No mystery here

A classic detective turns hearts of young girls-and their mothers-to an old heroine

Where the evidence leads
Fossils show dinosaurs had more spine
Loose lips
Judge rejects plea agreement for former BALCO attorney
Cracked foundation
Builders, investors offer a bleak outlook on the housing market