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July 1, 2006 | Vol. 21, No. 26

From disapproval to delight

Marvin Olasky | Novels and movies were once generally suspect in evangelical eyes, but now the emphasis is on discernment.


John Dawson | Captured memo shows terrorist leaders realize they are fighting against the clock

Nothing resolved

Edward E. Plowman | ECUSA passes a watered-down response to the Windsor Report and sets itself on a collision course with the Anglican Communion

A rocky path

Susan Olasky | Some books from self-publishing companies showcase vanity, but others contend for wider distribution

Fiction is finer

Marvin Olasky | Author Angela Hunt on why she prefers writing novels to nonfiction, and how writers always send messages of some sort

Priya Abraham | A Pakistani Christian frees kidnapped Christian children-and faces the wrath of Pakistan's terrorist slavers

Ideologue for hire

Marvin Olasky | In Jack Abramoff's depiction, Ralph Reed fought for ideas "as far as the cash goes"

The movie that wasn't made

William Kilpatrick | So many of today's "message movies" are like messages in a bottle, dealing with yesterday's struggles.

Susan Olasky | Debbie Maken and Connally Gilliam discuss how to obey God when marriage doesn't happen

Liberated but bound

Susan Olasky | Writer Caitlin Flanagan on where feminism went wrong

When death is on the line

Matthew P. Ristuccia | Two recent books-one by a Christian and one not-show dramatic contrasts


Bottomed out?

Many recent Young Adult novels are raunchy, but some now urge responsibility

Review: Superman Returns

The latest installment of Superman is one of the top superhero films of all time

The Lake House

Time-travel romance is short on sparks and suspense

Personal finance book explains how-and, more importantly, why-to get out of debt
Back to the nineties
The Heat looked like the Bulls of yesteryear in their dazzling NBA Finals victory