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July 1, 2006 | Vol. 21, No. 26

From disapproval to delight

Novels and movies were once generally suspect in evangelical eyes, but now the emphasis is on discernment.

A Pakistani Christian frees kidnapped Christian children-and faces the wrath of Pakistan's terrorist slavers
Ideologue for hire In Jack Abramoff's depiction, Ralph Reed fought for ideas "as far as the cash goes"
The movie that wasn't made So many of today's "message movies" are like messages in a bottle, dealing with yesterday's struggles.
Liberated but bound Writer Caitlin Flanagan on where feminism went wrong
When death is on the line Two recent books-one by a Christian and one not-show dramatic contrasts
Debbie Maken and Connally Gilliam discuss how to obey God when marriage doesn't happen
Captured memo shows terrorist leaders realize they are fighting against the clock
Nothing resolved ECUSA passes a watered-down response to the Windsor Report and sets itself on a collision course with the Anglican Communion
A rocky path Some books from self-publishing companies showcase vanity, but others contend for wider distribution
Fiction is finer Author Angela Hunt on why she prefers writing novels to nonfiction, and how writers always send messages of some sort


Review: Superman Returns

The latest installment of Superman is one of the top superhero films of all time

The Lake House

Time-travel romance is short on sparks and suspense

Bottomed out?

Many recent Young Adult novels are raunchy, but some now urge responsibility

Back to the nineties
The Heat looked like the Bulls of yesteryear in their dazzling NBA Finals victory
Personal finance book explains how-and, more importantly, why-to get out of debt