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July 3, 2004 | Vol. 19, No. 26

Novel approach

Budding, unpublished writers are invited to submit short stories in the WORLDview Fiction Contest, sponsored by WestBow Press and WORLD.
July 3, 2004 | Vol. 19, No. 26


A Christian publishing company aims to restore a great literary heritage: high-quality, general-market fiction written by Christians and from a biblical worldview

'I have never ordered torture' WASHINGTON: White House release of memos on prisoner treatment supports the president, but the debate is politically painful
Politics: Rowland up the river Ex-political wunderkind won't be impeached, but may face felony rap
Activism for the Federal Marriage Amendment seems lagging as Senate backers seek supporters before a July 12 vote
Evangelicals tweak the language of their political manifesto after news media reports characterize it as a call for retreat
Fathers and sons Frank Schaeffer discusses life as a wartime parent and how watching his son join the Marines and go to the Middle East changed the way he thinks about his relationship with his famous father
Blessed to be a blessing Novelist Bret Lott on using his God-given talents in his vocation, writing about forgiveness, and "setting God in the midst of these stories"
Why must Christian "chick lit" always reach the same destination as its secular counterpart-the altar?
The National Endowment for the Humanities turns to the classics to stamp out "American amnesia"
On the one side, Iraqis impatient with the long transition to elections in January; on the other, those worried that too much remains undone.


Swift response

A "Battle of the Books" that began 300 years ago still rages on

Know nothings

Popular fiction, feminist scholarship, and even Christians' false piety have helped revive the ancient Gnostic heresy -- perfect timing for a new manual for worldview thinking
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The top five best-selling CCM and Gospel CDs according to Billboard magazine, June 19