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July 7, 2001 | Vol. 16, No. 26

Ready, set, Bret!

Bob Jones | With his surprise victory in the Garden State, Schundler conquers a liberal-dominated, northeast GOP.


Lynn Vincent | Homeowners refinance at higher rates; professors link weather with stock prices; and education is more important than ever in the job market

Chris Stamper | Legislators try to ban dialing and driving, the CIA asks for help with hackers, and Visa pushes "smart cards"

Chris Stamper | Physicians soft-pedal bad news; a jury sends the father of fen-phen to prison; and studies clash over the benefits of fruits and vegetables

Edward E. Plowman | The puzzling, sad case of Andrea Yates; NAE bids farewell to its president; and other religion news

Contemporary Christian artists, facing temptations and controversies, are making inroads into an art world void of meaning

Gene Edward Veith | Trends in the publishing industry are opening up new avenues for Christian writers, and some Christian books are selling millions of copies in mainstream bookstores.

Farmers in the Peruvian countryside don't have any legal rights to the land, and the result is that they plant the coca used to make cocaine

Mindy Belz | Even though the streets are repaired, the road back to the way things were before Turkey's 1999 earthquake is nowhere in sight

Les Sillars | Canada's high court delivers mixed decisions on euthanasia, child pornography, and religious freedom

Tim Graham |

Tim Graham | As the number of applications for U.S.

Cal Thomas | The so-called "patients' bill of rights" would be bad medicine for American health care

Christian producer broadens the market, rolls out toys with a message to mainstream retailers

Tim Graham | Soon Americans may be able to sue their health-maintenance organizations in state courts.