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Tim Graham

Tim is a former WORLD reporter.

Articles by Tim Graham

Courtroom coalition

Tim Graham | President signs campaign-finance law: Political speech restrictions drive ideological opponents together to fight the new law in court

Tim Graham | TeamBush seeks to upgrade the welfare-reform effort from success in promoting work to new success in promoting two-parent families among the poor

Tim Graham | Cleveland parents take the case for vouchers to the Supreme Court, hoping for a landmark ruling

Tim Graham | Congress offers to help religious charities, but thoroughly biblical ones still need not apply


Tim Graham | But youthful demonstrators marking the Roe anniversary marched to the same beat as veteran pro-life activists

Tim Graham | Official Washington launches a full-court press into the sleazy accounting schemes behind the nation's largest bankruptcy.

Tim Graham | Senate shifts, terrorist attacks, and biological warfare against the sanctity of human life leave the question: Whatever happened to the abortion issue?

Tim Graham | From the aftermath of 9/11 to this month's State of the Union address, an elite group of conservative speechwriters is helping to mold a wartime presidency

Tim Graham | TeamBush gets tough on Senate leader Tom Daschle's slow-as-molasses strategy