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Myrna Brown

Myrna Brown

Myrna is a WORLD Radio correspondent and co-host. She is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and Luther Rice College and Seminary. Myrna has worked as a TV news reporter, public affairs show host, and producer. She resides with her husband and four adult children in Metro Atlanta, Ga.

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Articles by Myrna Brown
Listener Feedback for October

Listener Feedback for October

Critiques and commendations for stories about school choice, church libraries, and a conversation with Rosaria Butterfield

On the ground in Washington D.C. for the election of Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana as speaker of the House

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Her new book, Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age, offers a challenging call to love God’s truth in creation more deeply and boldly

A conversation with Rosaria Butterfield, the author of Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age

President Biden visits Israel but has not yet indicated if Tehran’s support for Hamas’ attack will change U.S. policy toward Iran

Park crews in Lakeland, Fla., track down a flock of swans descended from birds gifted by Queen Elizabeth II for their annual veterinary checkup

Church librarians meet in Michigan to talk about the challenges of carrying out a mission for which many churches have lost the vision

A family in Florida finds edifying book-loving community after leaving the public library behind