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Mary Reichard

Mary Reichard

Mary is co-host, legal affairs correspondent, and dialogue editor for WORLD Radio. She is also co-host of the Legal Docket podcast. Mary is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and St. Louis University School of Law. She resides with her husband near Springfield, Mo.

Articles by Mary Reichard
Legal Docket: Unrealized expectations

Legal Docket: Unrealized expectations

At stake in Moore v. United States is whether the government can tax unrealized gains on investments

Plus, a concerning calendar marketed to conservative dads, plagiarism catches up with Harvard’s former president, and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s recent veto

The United Methodist Church loses more than 7,600 churches due to disaffiliation ahead of Dec. 31 deadline

Moms for Liberty sues a California library that shut down an event about men in women’s sports


Big legislative deadlines are coming up fast for House Speaker Mike Johnson and his narrow majority

Cities across the country drop pickles, peaches, and monster marshmallow Peeps on New Year’s Eve

The CRISPR-based treatment edits DNA in adult stem cells without crossing bioethical boundaries

The Sackler family, responsible for creating and marketing the drug that fueled the opioids epidemic, is taken to the Supreme Court by the families of victims

After her daughter’s death, an Arkansas woman volunteers to be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army

Chaos at the border, budget drama in Congress, and the Biden administration caught pressuring social media companies to silence opposing viewpoints