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Kent Covington

Kent Covington

Kent is a reporter and news anchor for WORLD Radio. He spent nearly two decades in Christian and news/talk radio before joining WORLD in 2012. He resides in Atlanta, Ga.

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Articles by Kent Covington
Monday morning news: March 27, 2023

Monday morning news: March 27, 2023

Russia is stationing nuclear weapons near Ukraine in Belarus; American lawmakers raise concerns about a Russia-China alliance and the implications for Taiwan, recovery efforts begin following a deadly tornado in Mississippi, an explosion at the R.M. Palmer chocolate factory in Pennsylvania, two migrants found dead in a train car in Texas, and two boats of migrants sank off the coast of Tunisia in the Mediterranean.

Xi meets Putin in Moscow, Japan’s Prime Minister meets Zelensky in Ukraine, US speeding up delivery of tanks to Ukraine, ongoing protests in France over Macron’s retirement age change, and residents of East Palestine are experiencing health problems following February’s toxic chemical train derailment.

Trump anticipates arrest today while police prepare for protests ahead of a possible grand jury indictment in Manhattan, Putin welcomes Xi to Moscow, an American missionary kidnapped by ISIS six years ago is freed in the African nation of Niger, 43,000 died in Somalia due to drought according to the United Nations, protests in France continue after pension vote while Macron government survives no confidence votes, Amazon is cutting 9,000 more jobs, US regulators are trying to salvage an auction of Silicon Valley Bank by breaking it up for sale.

The UN says Russia committed war crimes in Ukraine, a Russian jet dumped fuel on the US surveillance drone that crashed in the Black Sea, Poland is the first Western nation sending fighter jets to Ukraine, unenriched uranium disappears in Libya, the French Prime Minister passes pension reform without vote from Parliament, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reports to the Senate Finance Committee, and Florida lawmakers introduce a heartbeat bill.


NATO scrambles jets after Russian plane approaches Estonia, allies pledge fresh support for Ukraine, European banks are pinched by the two recent bank failures in the US, the Fed is meeting next week to examine conflicting inflation reports, US Border Patrol Chief contradicts his boss by saying the border is not secure, and storms in California force thousands to evacuate.

Biden says the government will back deposit holders in Silicon Valley Bank and Signature, the Fed's rate hikes are examined for pushing banks towards collapse, the US sells nuclear submarines to Australia, President Xi of China is set to visit Moscow, Alaska gets permission to drill for oil, and a thousand migrants rush the border in Texas.

Wall Street bracing for impact of Silicon Valley Bank failure, members of Congress raise concerns about Chinese influence through TikTok, human smugglers are shipwrecked in San Diego, California faces more flooding this week, Russian advance stalls out in Bakhmut, and news from the Oscars.

President Biden unveiled his budget on Thursday, Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw appeared before Senate Committee, UN secretary general asks Russia and Ukraine not to fight near nuclear plant in Zaporizhzhia region, fewer young people are going to college, former senior official in Trump administration throws support behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a letter purportedly written by Mexican cartel leaders apologizes for the abduction of four Americans.

President Biden unveils his proposed budget for the next fiscal year, the Justice Department calls out police in Kentucky and Tennessee, House lawmakers hear testimony from U.S. troops about 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan, a pair of Senate Republicans want to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations, the Senate hears testimony about China’s threat to the United States, and Taiwan says China could be cutting its internet cables to disrupt communications.