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Kent Covington

Kent Covington

Kent is a reporter and news anchor for WORLD Radio. He spent nearly two decades in Christian and news/talk radio before joining WORLD in 2012. He resides in Atlanta, Ga.

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Articles by Kent Covington
Thursday morning news: May 4, 2023

Thursday morning news: May 4, 2023

The Biden Administration works with Mexico to prepare for a surge of migrants following the end of Title 42; Russia claims Ukrainian drones attacked the Kremlin in an attempt to assassinate Vladimir Putin; Senate leader Chuck Schumer demands Republicans raise the debt ceiling without making spending cuts; The Fed raises interest rates another quarter point; Authorities apprehend the shooter responsible for killing five of his neighbors near Houston; and a 13-year-old boy in Serbia shoots and kills nine people at his school

President Biden is deploying troops to the border ahead of the end of Title 42 next week; Senate Democrats hold a hearing to evaluate Supreme Court ethics; Senate Republicans say Anthony Blinken lied under oath about communicating with Hunter Biden; the number of open jobs in the US is falling; Vermont passes law to let terminally ill people from other states pursue medical suicide; and scriptwriters’ union in Hollywood goes on strike

Biden invites Kevin McCarthy to the White House for a meeting on raising the debt ceiling; JPMorgan Chase buys First Republic Bank at auction; U.S. Intelligence indicates that 100,000 Russians have died in the Ukraine conflict since December; Ron DeSantis signs law to give child rapists the death penalty; A Missouri judge temporarily blocks a regulation that would protect adults and children from transgender procedures; and the manhunt for a shooter in Texas continues as more details about Francisco Oropeza emerge

Rival generals in Sudan agree to extend ceasefire as Americans and other foreign nationals are evacuated; President Biden hosts the leader of the Philippines amidst rising tension with China; Russian missiles strike Ukrainian apartment building and a suspected drone strike sparks a fire at a Russian oil depot in Crimea; President Biden still won’t negotiate with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to raise the debt ceiling; A shooter who killed five people is on the run from the law; First Republic Bank has a new owner; and The Super Mario Bros. powers up past $1 billion globally


The Biden Administration announces plan to handle immigration after Title 42 ends in May; South Korea’s President Yoon addresses joint session of Congress; Economic growth is slowing in the US; The Department of Justice sues Tennessee over the state’s law protecting minors from transgender procedures; DeSantis doesn’t take Disney’s lawsuit seriously; and Jerry Springer has died at age 79

Biden issues warning to North Korea during visit from South Korean President; The House passes a debt ceiling bill Democrats say is dead on arrival; The FBI reports that active shooter casualties in the U.S. went up to more than 300 in 2022; Ukrainian President Zelensky spoke with Chinese President Xi over the phone for the first time since Russia invaded; Two Americans have died in Sudan, and the US has closed its embassy in Khartoum; and Disney sues DeSantis for violating its right to free speech, it says

President Biden officially kicks off his 2024 campaign; Republican candidate Nikki Haley vows to run a pro-life presidential campaign; House Speaker Kevin McCarthy proposes a plan to raise the debt ceiling while cutting spending, but Democrats scoff; The Taliban kills a terrorist leader of ISIS who spearheaded the suicide bombing attack in Kabul during the US withdrawal; Hundreds gather in Washington DC to read through the whole Bible aloud over 90 hours; and civil rights activist and singer Harry Balafonte dies at 96

The U.S. prepares troops to evacuate Americans from war-torn Sudan; President Biden is expected to announce his reelection campaign; Tucker Carlson parts ways with Fox News the same day CNN fires Don Lemon; Utah State Senator Mike Kennedy’s home targeted following his sponsorship of a bill to protect minors from transgender surgeries; Chinese officials walk back comments by Beijing’s ambassador to France about the status of ex-Soviet Baltic states; and police in Kenya find bodies of cult members whose leaders allegedly told them to starve themselves.

The U.S. and other nations evacuate embassy officials from Sudan amidst ongoing conflict; lawmakers in Washington debate raising the debt ceiling; Presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson criticizes Ron DeSantis for clash with Disney; new polls show that most Americans don’t want to see Trump or Biden on the ballot, but Trump still has an edge over his potential rival Ron DeSantis; General Motors recalls 40,000 Chevy Silverado trucks due to brake fluid line issue; and explorers from the Netherlands and Australia discover a WWII-era Japanese shipwreck in the South China Sea

The FBI detained a 21-year-old Air National Guardsman under suspicion for leaking classified information from the Pentagon; A federal appeals court says the abortion drug Mifepristone can’t be taken off the market but upholds a Texas judge’s ruling that the drug cannot be sent through the mail; President Biden visits the Republic of Ireland after being in Northern Ireland earlier this week; a Russian official indicates Moscow is open to releasing WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich in a prisoner swap; Unemployment claims hit a new high since January 2022; and Republican legislators in Florida pass a bill protecting the unborn after 6 weeks that Governor DeSantis says he will sign.