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Jonathan Boes

Jonathan is a graduate of World Journalism Institute's 2015 course.

Articles by Jonathan Boes
Independence, accountability, and teen chaperone rules

Independence, accountability, and teen chaperone rules

Malls, theme parks, and restaurants increasingly require teenage patrons to have adult chaperones. Why are businesses making this change? And what does it mean for teenage independence?

On this episode, we’re tackling the topic of cancel culture. What is it? Does it really exist? And how can Christians develop a mature, whole-person response?

In a world of fake news, developing news literacy takes work. But we might find help through an unexpected practice: reading fiction.

Title 42 has ended. U.S. asylum rules have changed. The issue of immigration once again takes center stage. How can parents and educators navigate this complex issue with their kids?


The World Health Organization has declared the COVID-19 emergency officially over. Let’s reflect on the past few years and look ahead to summer break. How can we pursue restoration?

We’re dipping our toes into the topic of environmentalism by diving deep into a single news article. What causes light pollution? What solutions have been tried? And how should Christians care for creation?

The buzz around artificial intelligence hasn’t slowed since we last discussed ChatGPT in February. We’re returning to this tech trend to see what’s new, define our terms, and answer some listener questions.

This week, a federal judge ruled that a Pennsylvania school district must allow After School Satan Clubs to meet. What do we do with cultural celebrations of Satan? And how can we use our free speech rights to sow better seeds?

How does Christ’s example teach us to navigate transgenderism? Dr. Gary Yagel rejoins the podcast to help us answer listener questions on this tender subject.

What does cooking pasta have to do with the discipling kids through the news? Today we’re taking a step back to explore a helpful tool you can use to navigate any sort of media: SOAR.