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Jenny Rough

Jenny Rough

Jenny is a WORLD Radio correspondent and co-host of the Legal Docket podcast. She is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law. Jenny resides with her husband Ron in Alexandria, Va.

Articles by Jenny Rough
Legal Docket - Malicious prosecution?

Legal Docket - Malicious prosecution?

The Supreme Court balances holding police accountable and protecting them from meritless claims

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Patent law and administrative law intersect in this case that raises a question about the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution.


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The new 2021-2022 term of the US Supreme Court is upon us. Today, you’ll hear previews of several cases the justices will decide this term. Those include decisions about abortion, free speech, unequal treatment of religious schools, second amendment rights, and more.

When the attorney general of California sought confidential information about charitable donors, charities on the left and the right fought back.

Former child slaves on West African cocoa farms sue U.S. chocolate companies. This case examines whether the Alien Tort Statute covers those claims.

A cheerleader’s vulgar post on social media lands her in trouble with the school, but judicial precedent from the 1960s and the First Amendment protects her right to free speech